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Kao (Shanghai) chemical reached a settlement agreement with Jinshan No. 2 Industrial Zone

Kao (Shanghai) chemical reached a settlement agreement with Jinshan No. 2 Industrial Zone

on June 12, 2012

[China paint information] a few days ago, Kao (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd., invested by Kao Corporation, a world top 500 enterprise, reached a settlement agreement with Jinshan No. 2 industrial zone. This is another world top 500 enterprise settled in the park. It is understood that due to the vigorous expansion of overseas markets, Jinshan second industrial zone has seen a good momentum in attracting investment in recent years. From January to May this year, 31 projects have been signed for construction, and the embedded parts of this batch of test pieces are unqualified products, and 18 projects are under construction. Among them, six projects, including bamboo, Jinhu, Huayi coating and medium light daily chemical, were listed in the "green channel project for strategic emerging industries in Shanghai"; Nippon Paint, Kansai resin, bamboo oil and other 7 projects were included in the 32 major projects in Jinshan District this year. Due to the remarkable investment attraction effect of the second industrial zone, Jinshan second industrial zone won the honorary title of Shanghai excellent investment attraction team not long ago. It is reported that only three industrial parks in the city have won this honor

Shanghai Jinshan No.2 industrial zone is the only fine chemical industrial park in Shanghai. It is also the new material industrial base for high-tech industrialization in Shanghai. It is also the national innovation base for promoting trade through science and technology recognized by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of science and technology. Because it is adjacent to Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd., it has a good foundation. Located in the metal fatigue expansion zone, it can show the fatigue striation matching that is roughly parallel to the vertical crack expansion direction, A number of high-quality projects related to coating, biomedicine, new materials and other industries have settled, forming obvious industrial advantages. In recent years, the investment attraction of the park has focused on key areas such as fine chemicals, new materials and biomedicine, focusing on overseas markets. Japanese funded enterprises and European and American enterprises have special personnel to be responsible for establishing a weekly promotion system for key projects. For the obstacles encountered in the project promotion, they should understand, deal with and solve them at the first time, and make full use of the National Engineering Laboratory of the group company, the national enterprise technology center, the academician workstation of the Academy of engineering, the postdoctoral workstation and other resources. Due to active docking, they consciously let high-quality large projects know Jinshan and see Jinshan. So far, more than 160 enterprises have settled in the park. From January to may, the total industrial output value of the industrial zone increased by 12.03% year-on-year, of which high-tech enterprises increased by 36.13% year-on-year; Tax revenue increased by 40.76% year-on-year; The capital in place of industrial projects increased by 143.54% year-on-year, of which the foreign capital in place increased by 46.51% year-on-year. The industrial zone has introduced 25 foreign-funded projects, including DONGBANG, Takemoto oil, BASF, Langsheng, Nippon and Bauhinia Flower, with a total investment of 5.1 billion yuan. It is expected to achieve an output of more than 13 billion yuan and a tax of 1billion yuan after the project is completed, of which nearly 10 are among the world's top 500 enterprises

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