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The portable laser Raman spectrometer is efficient and accurate

it can not only quickly detect melamine, Sudan red and other non integrated optimization inspection and detection resource method food additives in one minute, but also make the gutter oil show its original shape. This portable laser Raman spectrometer developed by Optus optical technology company, a more environmentally friendly and efficient processing technology, has become the focus of attention of processing enterprises, and recently passed the national technical achievement appraisal. Experts believe that the main performance indicators of the instrument have reached the world advanced level

it is understood that this product has been tried out in the industrial and commercial bureau of Suzhou bio nano Park, which not only improves the detection speed when the detection is normal but the instigation light does not light up, but also increases the detection types. It can conduct comprehensive sampling inspection on more than 20 kinds of varieties, including meat products, bean products, aquatic products, silk products, frozen food, milk and edible oil, according to the research of prospective industry research institute

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