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Port supply is tight, and the volume and price of domestic methanol market have risen at the same time

since the end of October, the international supply tension has led to the soaring price of methanol import plate, and port merchants have to turn to domestic supply, making the domestic methanol market show a situation of simultaneous volume and price rise

port supply is tight, and the volume and price of domestic methanol market rise simultaneously.

according to futures, the operation of domestic methanol market this year is different from that in previous years. Although the overall market was weak and down in the first half of the year, the port and inland markets have been rising since the decline was reversed in July. The price continued to rise for nearly four months, which was somewhat unexpected to the market

Li Yadong, sales manager of Sichuan Jiuyuan agricultural means of Chemical Co., Ltd., told that in the first half of the year, many factories were on the edge of the cost line, and even lost production, and dealers were on the verge of loss, but the good market in the second half of the year made some manufacturers turn losses into profits, reviving market confidence. Futures learned in the interview that the shortage of port supplies is the driving force for the rise of domestic methanol prices

due to the recent shutdown and maintenance of many large units in Asia, the Middle East and North America, the methanol supply in the international market is relatively tight, and the price has increased. According to treasure island statistics, the US Gulf price rose from $499/ton in early October to $528/ton at the end of October. At the same time, the CFR China price also maintained an upward trend, rising from $415/ton at the beginning of October to $456/ton at the end of the month

affected by this, the domestic methanol import arrival volume in October was small, about 400000 tons, some products were directly supplied to terminals, and the port inventory remained low. According to zhuochuang information, methanol inventories at the two ports totaled 230000 tons in early November, down 16.83% from late September. "This year, the price difference between China's main port and Southeast Asia, the Gulf of the United States and Northern Europe has been widening. SPI said that it has led to a reduction in the flow of international goods into China. At the same time, there has also been a phenomenon of re export of imported goods from the bonded zone to Southeast Asia." Everbright futures analyst zhongmeiyan said

"with the sharp rise of the outer market, the port demand originally supplied by imports was forced to shift to domestic sources of goods with lower prices." Dengshiheng, an analyst at the Shanghai medium term, said that this new demand has played a crucial role in driving the mainland market and digesting manufacturers' inventories

Peng Yaoxing, head of Nanjing Hanks Petrochemical Co., Ltd., admitted to futures that Iran's methanol supply was tight in the second half of the year, and the volume to China was significantly reduced. Coupled with the high international methanol prices, some domestic resources were exported or re exported overseas, and the port methanol inventory has been declining. "At present, the inventory of methanol in Jiangsu is about 100000 tons, which is a new low in recent years." Peng Yaoxing said that due to the fact that the price of imported methanol is much higher than that of domestic methanol, due to cost constraints, MTO plants downstream of methanol have increased the purchase of domestic methanol, making the supply of domestic methanol also tend to be tight

it is understood that at present, it coincides with a new round of goods preparation cycle in the downstream market. Due to the shortage of domestic methanol, port and inland prices have risen continuously. In recent days, the spot price in South China is 3430-3470 yuan/ton, up 596 yuan/ton from the average price in the same month last year; The spot price in Jiangsu is 3280-3400 yuan/ton, up nearly 600 yuan/ton year-on-year; Shandong also surged to 3000 yuan/ton, with a year-on-year increase of more than 300 yuan/ton

in Peng Yaoxing's view, although the traditional downstream is facing the off-season and approaching winter, and the manufacturers in the north are worried about the inventory backlog caused by poor logistics, the willingness to ship is strong, and the domestic methanol price will fluctuate, but this does not change the relatively strong trend of methanol in the second half of the year, and the methanol market is still optimistic before the end of the year

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