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Porex group has launched a new series of glass fiber products

many customers on the market directly after the sensor of torque testing machine has faults and problems. During the rainy season, they should pay more attention to wiping, buy a new replacement, and use it directly after it is installed without revision; This is incorrect After replacing the sensor of torque testing machine, its accuracy should be calibrated with standard weight or ring dynamometer; The error should be controlled within the standard range instead of changing it The former porex group launched a new series of glass fiber products, becoming a pioneer in the research, development and production of sintered porous plastic products

this series of binderless glass fiber products can provide reliability, accuracy and accuracy in complex purification, extraction, separation and filtration processes

it is reported that this new glass fiber product is produced from particles with multiple thicknesses and sizes, and can be used in medical diagnosis and life science research products, including conjugate release, absorbent pads, IVD sample wicks, purification test kits, detection plates and centrifugal columns, etc. Porexbiodesign fiberglass helps eliminate blockages and balance flow during processing of large amounts of solution

porex new glass fiber series products also have excellent functions and characteristics, including hydrophilicity, high permeability, excellent wet strength processing ability and integrity. In addition, this product has good compressibility, strong bearing capacity and heat resistance

In the research project, DVA replaces the traditional tire gas barrier butyl rubber

porex Group CEO williammidgette said in his speech that the launch of Biodesign glass fiber is the best interpretation of their commitment to providing innovative, high-quality products for life sciences and healthcare customers

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