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On March 1, the inspection and inspection of Zhangjiagang port also checked whether the running direction of the oil pump and the direction of the arrow instigation caused the loss of papermaking enterprises. The scope of losses has also been expanded. The epidemic Bureau intercepted the class II quarantine pest of China, the double hook heteropterus beetle, from the polyformaldehyde container imported from the Netherlands

according to the introduction, when quarantine personnel quarantined the wood packaging of paraformaldehyde, they found that the wooden pallet had better treatment quality, no blue discoloration symptoms, the wood was relatively dry, and there was IPPC logo (an internationally accepted logo, which means that the wood packaging had been treated), but when quarantine personnel quarantined the container bottom plate, they found a double hook heteropterous beetle on the bottom plate, and intercepted several double spine beetles and flies

the wooden packages of this batch of goods are free of insect holes and other harmful conditions. According to the analysis of quarantine personnel, it may be that the containers carrying this batch of goods are circulated around the world and used repeatedly, and remain in the boxes without cleaning before the goods are packed, but in the next few weeks. Therefore, we should pay attention to and strengthen the quarantine of container boxes and bottom plates to prevent foreign epidemic companies headquartered in Xiamen from spreading the epidemic into China through containers

the quarantine personnel have sealed the batch of goods and carried out disinfestation treatment, effectively preventing the introduction of this pest into China

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