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The field of portable microscope assisted detection leads the new direction of microscope application

people are not strange to mention microscopes. The traditional microscopes are cumbersome, helpless, precise and arrogant, which are troublesome to use, and their application fields are not extensive. The new portable microscopes are small and portable, and are of great use in various fields, such as helping plant pest control, assisting large-scale instruments Assist in modern industrial testing and other functions

portable microscope helps control plant diseases and insect pests

plant diseases are one of the natural disasters that seriously endanger agricultural production. According to the estimation of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the annual loss of food and cotton production in the world due to diseases is more than 10%. Plant diseases can not only cause the reduction of crop production, but also seriously threaten the quality and safety of agricultural products and international trade to a certain extent. In history, there are many events that caused great disasters to human beings due to the large-scale outbreak and prevalence of plant diseases with the introduction of new high viscosity bio based extrusion grade grilamid1 sxe4281 and grilamid2 sxe4282. The famous "Irish Famine", that is, a major case of "starvation and displacement" caused by the serious epidemic of Potato Late Blight in 1845. Plant diseases and insect pests also seriously threaten human precious forest resources. Forest diseases and pests are known as smoke-free forest fires. Forestry experts remind relevant forestry departments and forest farmers to strengthen pest monitoring, early detection and prevention, and minimize the harm of diseases and pests to trees, so as to ensure the healthy development of forest vegetation

bacteria, fungi and viruses are the main causes of diseases in vegetables, fruits, wheat, corn, rice, soybeans and other crops, trees, flowers and other diseases. These disease microorganisms generally infect plants through stems, leaves, roots, fruits, etc. Although most diseases can be easily controlled at the initial stage of infection, they are generally not easy to be detected. Once the disease occurs, it is not only difficult to control but also poor in effect, resulting in crop yield reduction or even crop failure. How to detect and control the disease in the early stage is particularly important for the prevention and control of the disease

portable microscope. The product is small and portable, and the built-in lithium battery can break through the space limitations of the traditional optical microscope. It can detect and analyze the diseases and pests on site in the field forest farm, confirm the cause, win valuable time for the prevention and control of diseases and pests, and minimize the harm of diseases and pests

portable microscope assisted large-scale instrument that greatly reduces the friction coefficient of the inner wall of the catheter

made of polypropylene matrix and 47% continuous glass fiber roving, the traditional large-scale detection instrument is not only bulky and immovable, but also because of the high price, high cost of use, troublesome operation and other reasons, it will not be cut into every terminal link in the process design of factory detection, Therefore, the factory detection process relying on traditional large-scale instruments will have inherent detection defects. Therefore, the design relies on portable microscopes to realize mobile detection and assist in the detection of each process node of the factory, which is an inevitable way to improve the detection quality. This is also because portable microscopes have lower prices than large-scale instruments, portable everywhere detection, simple operation Fast and other natural advantages

portable microscope factory inspection supplement is a quality requirement, not "unnecessary" to prevaricate. It may be questioned that there is no need to add "mobile detection of portable microscope" to the process, because the fixed-point detection of terminal is enough

it may also be that without this necessity, the quality of Japanese products will be very high, and Chinese products often can only be of high quality at high prices. Now that domestic human products are greatly improved, this advantage will also be lost. What should Chinese factories compete with, and how to transform from a manufacturing power to a creating power? Therefore, for Chinese factories, It is an unswerving and rigorous choice to implant a portable microscope into the existing stable and reliable data transmission detection process for mobile detection

portable microscopes assist in modern industrial testing

the equipment of microscopes is generally heavy and helpless, precise and arrogant, or expensive but difficult to master, making many simple operations or readily available test results out of reach. Now with the "on-site requirements" required by the factory production line and the "on-site discussion" constantly proposed by the laboratory, "Field data" required by the engineering field; "On site law enforcement" required during law enforcement or quality inspection; It puts forward more requirements for microscopes, so the concept of portable microscopes is also quietly born, helping modern industrial testing

portable microscopes can be successfully applied to mobile detection and on-site detection in industrial detection, and can solve the technical problem of "observation and discussion together" raised by the factory. With professionalism, inheritance, leadership and pioneer, anyty, a subsidiary of 3R group, first makes efforts in the field of portable microscopes to help the industrial detection industry lead the new trend of microscopic application

portable microscope, for example, is the earliest portable video microscope of instrument microscope. Its characteristics can be summarized as "portable, video, mobile" in six words; It uses a 2 megapixel CMOS lens with a length of less than 2cm; With 1600x1200dpi high definition and 200 magnification, it can meet the requirements of circuit board inspection, printed matter inspection, fiber inspection and other industries in the field of industrial testing

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