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Warrenpoint port continues to trust Kony to continue to invest in Kony mobile port crane

warrenpoint port holds 5. Full automatic fixture: from sample size measurement to clamping, continue to trust Kony to continue to invest in Kony mobile port crane

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in June 2018, warrenpoint port (hereinafter referred to as warrenpoint) ordered a Kony Gottwald 3 mobile port crane. This order is part of the Northern Ireland port 25 year growth plan

Kony Gottwald 3 mobile port crane

this crane will be used from September 2018, and it will make contributions to greatly improving the efficiency of warrenpoint and enhancing the port throughput. The use of this crane is part of the main driving force for this Northern Ireland extensometer or strain gauge to show the elongation of the standard tensile specimen, and the continuous growth of trade volume in the second largest port

Clare Guinness, CEO of warrenpoint, commented: "This crane can ensure that we continue to provide a high level of customer service, and help us attract new business and increase the annual throughput of the port to more than 4million tons. It will improve the capacity and efficiency of the port by loading and unloading goods faster and reducing downtime. It is also the first part of the port's latest major investment plan, which was launched after we released the master plan to promote post brexit trade." 。

Neil grifiths, regional sales and service director of Kony port solutions, explained: "Warrenpoint is the fourth largest port on the island of Ireland, serving Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland at the same time. Warrenpoint currently uses five Kony Gottwald mobile port cranes. We are proud that they have once again chosen our economically efficient technology to support their long-term growth plan. This new crane will continue to help warrenpoint take advantage of its advantageous port close to the border of the Republic of Ireland Geographical location continues to make profits

in 2017, warrenpoint set a record of 3.56 million tons of cargo throughput, with a total value of about 7billion euros (6.2 billion pounds). It handled a wide range of goods, including grain, wood, steel and cement, and provided comprehensive services including containers, loading and unloading

this 25 year growth plan was announced earlier this year, which predicts that trade will continue to grow after brexit. Port officials predict that the port trade volume will increase significantly in the next few decades. It is expected that the core port handling capacity will increase by 80% by 2040, and the innovative development of the new material industry in the province will increase by up to 80%

this new crane is Kony Gottwald 3 mobile port crane, equipped with G hmk 3405 double rope model, with a maximum lifting capacity of 100 tons and a maximum working radius of 46 meters

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