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POM transmission gear materials promote the development of urban ultra light vehicles

a project of "ultra light weight of urban vehicles" is being carried out at Bradley University in the United States. This project shows how POM gears can provide solutions for the automotive industry, especially the gears made of DuPont delrinpom. Many polyurethane and phenolic units have participated in the renovation project of old residential areas in Beijing, which have good strength, toughness and low friction, It not only solves the load and pressure problems in the power transmission system, but also significantly reduces the noise and weight of metal gears

"ultra lightweight urban vehicles" project is the brainchild of martinmorris, a professor of mechanical engineering at Bradley University in Illinois. As early as 2006, the project was committed to the design and manufacture of zero emission vehicles. Up to now, a three wheeled vehicle with motorcycle license plate has been developed, with a body weight of 430 pounds (about 195 kg), which can accommodate two people and luggage. The new car offers regenerative braking, a top speed of 45 miles per hour, and a driving distance of 40 miles. Bradley's design team said the cost of driving the car was only 0.6 cents per kilometer

after excluding the impact of exchange losses (excluding taxes) in operating and financing activities, the ultra lightweight city developed by Bradley University provides regenerative braking, a top speed of 45 miles per hour, a driving distance of 40 miles and a driving cost of 0.6 cents per kilometer.

winzelergear, located in Illinois, provides support for the design and manufacture of the project, while DuPont's high-performance polymer department supplies Delrin Polyoxymethylene (POM)

johnwinzeler, President of winzelergears, is a strong supporter of innovation and art activities. He pointed out: "with the change of the world with low cost, we must challenge preconceptions. We need more comprehensive ideas, especially the use of imagination to develop innovative ideas. Design innovation and art activities are the best way to break prejudice and stimulate inspiration."

timbrogla, the leader of DuPont development project, said: "conservatives will say that POM materials are not suitable for transmission systems under harsh conditions. Obviously, the purpose of this project is to break the so-called 'absolute', so that skeptics can witness how these gears are applied to small engine transmission devices such as driving lawn mowers and golf carts."

ultra light urban vehicles use planetary transmission gears made of Delrin POM, which can withstand the torque generated by a 25 HP, 6000 RPM engine

power transmission devices need to use multiple gears with complex processing. General engineers believe that the use of standard polyoxymethylene materials will be limited. Mikecassata, the design engineer of winzelergear, said, "the high-quality performance of homoformaldehyde can not only withstand torque and load, but also has low friction and noise reduction performance. In addition, the planetary transmission gear made of delrinpom can withstand the torque produced by a 25 horsepower, 6000 RPM engine."

this innovative gear transmission device has a 14 tooth center gear with a module of 3 and a diameter of 42mm installed on the motor shaft. The center gear drives four 17 tooth, 51 mm diameter planetary gears connected to the output shaft. The planetary gear rotates on a fixed internal gear with 51 teeth and a diameter of 150 mm. The tooth width of all gears is 25 mm

cassata said: "we have little investment in processing. We can start designing and processing models in just a few weeks. The gears manufactured are processed from Delrin blocks or plates, which greatly reduces and deforms in the subsequent temperature range, relatively stabilizes the cost and time, and provides mechanical properties comparable to injection molded gears."

ultra light urban vehicles adopt complex and innovative gear transmission devices

it is predicted that in the next generation of innovative design, designers will need to use more delrinpom for gears and shells to deal with the problem of reducing vehicle weight and noise. Brogla added, "the next generation design will further show the performance of products under adverse conditions. It is not difficult for us to imagine that in the future, this often underestimated material will be applied to small engine transmission devices on driving lawn mowers and golf carts, as well as any moving parts with requirements for reducing weight and noise."

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