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The following is the structural composition and functional characteristics of the spring tension compression fatigue testing machine. The steel drill answers, domineering

porcelain live to ask, mountain and river diamond to answer, domineering

China Construction Machinery Information complex system physics (Dresden)

look! This complete granite core with a diameter of about 1 meter and a height of about 1 meter and 5 meters has just been unloaded from the bucket of the rotary drilling rig, and it seems to be steaming

granite core with a diameter of about 1 meter and a height of about 1 meter 5

this must be at least 28 rotary dug dry! After watching it, most people will think so, but I tell you negatively: This is just another miracle created by Shanhe intelligent swdm25 rotary drilling rig at a construction site in Xiamen

Shanhe intelligent swdm25 rotary drilling rig in a construction site in Xiamen

in recent years, after the first show of imported products in the Qinghai Tibet railway, the rotary drilling rig of its own brand has developed rapidly in China, but when it comes to rock entry, generally, rotary drilling and even some famous brand products 20254.1 ⑵ 006 copper and copper alloy strip for lead frame part 1: flat belt will turn pale and admit its own weakness. The impact and vibration of the machine when the rock breaks puts forward quite high requirements for the stability of the machine and the ultra-high strength and stiffness of structural parts. "There is no diamond, there is no porcelain work". Many brands will flinch when they see entering the rock. However, Shanhe intelligent has met the difficulties and fully carried forward the revolutionary spirit of piling up 10 points of broad prospects for use and not afraid of hard bones. Since 2003, Shanhe intelligent has been committed to the R & D and production of rotary drilling rigs. In order to meet the various needs of users at home and abroad, it has formed a complete series of products from small to large. Two monographs - "research and design of rotary drilling rigs" and "equipment, construction and management of rotary drilling rigs" have been written from a higher level The more universal value shows the contribution that Shanhe has made to the industry! All its rotary drilling rigs have solid special chassis, and the luffing mechanism, mast, power head, etc. are made of high-strength materials, ensuring the high reliability and stability of the machine and the performance of super drilling into rock. After the super drill of Xinjiang Lanxin high-speed railway entered the rock, Shanhe intelligent rotary drilling rig stood out from many well-known brands and created one miracle after another on the road to enter the rock

Shanhe intelligent rotary drilling rig: a real rock expert

small machine, high energy, a real rock expert brings you a value-added experience

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