Why Japan's automobile industry is so developed

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It also started from Shanzhai. Why is Japan's automobile industry so developed

also started from Shanzhai. Why is Japan's automobile industry so developed

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original title: also started from Shanzhai, why is Japan's automobile industry so developed

speaking of the word "Shanzhai", what might you think of Clothes, food, etc. In the age of mountain fastness, it is always impossible for people to guard against it. When it comes to Shanzhai in the automotive industry, many people think of Zhongtai, Lufeng, etc. consumers have mixed comments on such products. But you may not 3 The tearing speed of the test fixture is required to be 50mm/min~500mm/min. It is known that Japan, a powerful automobile country, once had a crazy imitation of European and American models

compared with many European and American automobile brands, the Japanese automobile industry started late. In 1935, Toyota Motor was born. The first car was built in Shanzhai. The size and shape of this car are similar to Chrysler airflow. The above is a relevant introduction to the functional characteristics of the cast aluminum alloy hydraulic universal testing machine. After the end of World War II, Toyota factory was severely destroyed in the war, and the Japanese automobile industry was in a state of waste. At the beginning of 1947, Toyota SA was successfully trial produced. This car, which imitated the Volkswagen Beetle, had a good impact on the market. In the 1960s and 1970s, the trend of copying in Japan became more and more intense. Although the Japanese cars had some technical strength at this time, their appearance was still dominated by Shanzhai. Even the first generation of Nissan GT-R, the God of war, came out of dodge

in the 1970s, the global automobile market became depressed due to the arrival of the oil crisis. American cars that advocated large displacement suffered a heavy blow. Japan, which was good at making small displacement cars, a large number of Japanese cars led by Honda Civic entered the North American market during this period, making Japanese cars a great success. In 1980, Japan has become the country with the highest annual output of automobiles. With the rapid rise of Japan's economy, people's consumption demand for luxury cars and sports cars has increased significantly. Therefore, Lexus, Acura, Infiniti and other Japanese high-end automobile brands have been born one after another. Today, Japan has become one of the most representative automobile powers

automobile powers copy each other, Japan copies Europe and the United States, and South Korea copies Japan. In fact, China's automobile development is very similar to that of Japan, starting from the introduction of technology and even copying. At present, China has become the largest automobile market. Chinese automobile brands have also accumulated certain technology. They begin to develop to the high end on the basis of the original brands

with the development of automobile in the direction of intelligence and electrification, at this time, the automobile enterprises all over the world will choose the COM port to connect directly and start to research and develop driverless and new energy models. There is no big gap in this respect. Chinese cars have the opportunity to overtake in this segment. It is believed that with the gradual maturity of China's automobile market, China's automobile industry can also become a unique school in the world

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