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President of ATT Mobile: why push free in Mexico?

although at t (at & T) has been busy expanding its wireless business empire to other markets such as automobiles and family safety, at t is still an operator at its core. On Friday, the company announced that it had made some minor adjustments to some of its most popular business plans to provide users with more mobile data at a lower price

the company said that subscribers to its most popular data analysis service, mobile share value, can now obtain an additional 50% of the data. Accordingly, users who pay $100 a month to get 10GB of sharable packets can now get 15GB of data. The company added that the plan would include unlimited call minutes and text messages in Canada and Mexico

at t is currently facing various changes, including the recently completed acquisition of DirecTV, which will expand its influence in the TV market. Recently, Glenn Lurie, President of at T Mobile, shared his views on at t's various businesses in an interview. The interview records are as follows:

Q: what impact does the acquisition of DirecTV have on your business

answer: the acquisition has been completed for more than a week. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us. We have been engaged in u-verse business and TV business before, but now, as the largest TV and video operator in the world, this has brought us a series of benefits

really makes us a different company. You may have seen the initial offer, that is, the package plan, four TVs and four smart packs, at $200 a month. When you put your TV and wireless devices together, it's really a disruptive plan

in addition, on Monday, we announced our conversion plan to provide DirecTV users who are not at t mobile users with a $500 credit line to convert them to at t mobile users. The relative error of that result is also large and subversive. Those are high-end users. Through the acquisition of DirecTV, they have become part of our user base

we are on the other side and have high bargaining chips, which can enable content providers to reduce the cost of content. I am also thinking about the future of technology and our business in mobile and video. Users should also view what they want to see anytime, anywhere

Randall, our chairman, is very clear about this. We hope to expand in that field. Now with DirecTV, we have become the largest wireless service operator in the history of the United States. Moreover, our TV business is also the largest and best in the United States

I respect my three competitors, but they are all pure wireless operators. Verizon has some penetration in television, but they are peddling their cable business. And if you look at cable operators, they don't have wireless services at all. In the United States, there is no company that has our asset advantages, or even those that are close to us. We intend to combine these services to provide users with a very simple user experience so that users can enjoy a comprehensive and unified data experience

Q: so you have a lot of projects to do now. You provide a mobile data sharing scheme, which is used by more than 80% of your subscribers. You also provide a payment scheme called next. Why not simplify all this into a waste of energy solution that users can easily understand

answer: they actually work together. The mobile shared value scheme is a rate structure that allows users to purchase packets and add devices. You can add tablets, wearable devices, cars, and all devices can be added to the same traffic package. At t's next is one of many ways people buy electronic devices

the most important point is that our happiest customers are those who participate in the mobile sharing value scheme and purchase our equipment through next. Why has next become so popular? That's because users like it. It is a good opportunity for users to pay a small amount in advance and then decide when to update

we obviously want to give users more choices. It is very important that we do so. We will continue to do so. Customers are everything. Listen to customers' opinions and give them choices, because this is what customers welcome

ask: to be honest, people really like to have the right to choose. However, too many choices also bring confusion

when we take our previous model as the starting point, it will not; Next, it is a complete interest rate structure. We have made significant simplification, so it will not lead to user confusion

if you look at our achievements, you will know that we have done exactly the opposite. We have simplified our interest rate structure. Ultimately, our users still want to have a set of options

Q: you have recently made adjustments to some businesses and increased free services to Mexico. Could you elaborate on the purpose of your move

when we purchased two operators, acell and Nextel Mexico, which are believed to be unheard of by everyone. We invested in wedge-shaped clamps (referring to the clamps with inclined locking principle structure), counter clamp clamps (referring to the clamps with single-sided or double-sided rib jacking principle structure), winding clamps (referring to the clamps with samples locked by winding), eccentric clamps (referring to the clamps with eccentric locking principle structure) Lever type fixture (refers to the fixture adopting the structure of lever force amplification principle), shoulder type fixture (refers to the fixture applicable to the shoulder sample), bolt type fixture (refers to the fixture applicable to the rib strength test of bolts, screws, studs, etc.) 90 stripping fixture (it refers to about US $4billion for the two samples. Now, our business scope in Mexico is larger than that of any other operator. As we have said, we will also invest an additional US $3billion in Mexico to lay the LTE network. There is no doubt that we will enter the Mexican market and compete with other operators there.

Mexico is very, very important. It has a strong chain reaction to the United States Harmful. As you know, people like to fight there. We have quickly added free to Mexico. Mexico is close to the United States, and we strongly feel that it is closely connected with the United States. We have repeatedly stressed before that we are not sure whether North America needs borders, but we do see an excellent business opportunity

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