Why is the price of the hottest CTP plate high

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Why is CTP plate price high

a printing plant in bardborn purchased a bass printing machine after drupa 2000 Used for plate making of traditional plates. It is different from other printing houses that pay high cost for CTP using thermal or violet laser C plate The printing cost of this printing plant remains unchanged. The saved plate material cost in only one and a half years can recover the investment in the purchase of plate making machine

at the beginning of this year, the factory planned to purchase a new plate making machine and began to fully consider the thermal and violet laser. However, the cost of these digital plates is still 80% higher than that of traditional plates Therefore, the factory finally decided to abandon the original plan Purchased the new CP plate making machine under C of Bess printing

many plate suppliers obviously do not agree with this reluctant investment in traditional plates. They believe that due to the continuous expansion of production and increasingly fierce market competition Digital plate prices will soon fall to the level of traditional plates or even lower

will people believe this prediction

four refutations on the high price of digital plates

you will understand that the coating and packaging costs of digital plates are not higher than those of traditional plates, but why the price of digital plates is so high. We often hear many reasons, but I think these arguments are difficult to be convincing

reason 1: the development cost of high sensitivity plates is expensive

refutation: the R & D of traditional plates requires the development department to improve the size of the universal testing machine, which is jointly characterized by the maximum bearing level of the frame and the dynamometer for measuring the load/tension. Therefore, it does not need too much extra cost to turn to the digital plate technology

reason 2: Production conversion costs a lot

refutation: as the plate manufacturer admits, it absolutely does not cost too much to convert to thermal plate production. In fact, traditional plates and thermal plates can be produced on the same production line

reason 3: silver salt version contains very expensive silver

refutation: of course, the silver salt plate contains more expensive materials than the polymer plate However, as a digital plate, polymer plate is more than twice as expensive as traditional plate

reason 4: it costs a lot to enter the market for the first time

retort: it is certainly expensive to just enter the market, but many companies have continuously introduced new and improved traditional plates for several years, but the price has not doubled

in fact, behind the doubling of the price of digital plates, there is a strong pursuit of profits by the plate manufacturers. R that is, they hope to achieve the previous high by converting to digital plates. This is also the principle profit of traditional modification "At the same time, we will get rid of the cruel price war of traditional plates.

the trap of plate making machine

in recent years, plate suppliers have manufactured various C-body plate making machines using thermal and violet laser technology. If the printing factory wants to use CTP plate making equipment, it will sign a plate year-end settlement agreement to give a maximum discount to a large number of purchasers according to the commercial price, and the price of the plate making machine will be greatly reduced. As the consulting report from the United States says, free printing will be given Plate developing machines are not uncommon nowadays

if a CDP plate making machine can only handle the only printing plate technically, as AGF. The silver salt plate can only be processed on the Agfa Galieo plate making machine, which is particularly beneficial to the manufacturer. If anyone uses the preferential plate making machine provided by the manufacturer and quickly launches the C dismounting system "In the future, he will always yield to the price proposed by the supplier for a long time until he can replace his c-butyl-p system with another model. This is the same for CTP plate making machines using thermal and violet laser technology. The significance of material elastic modulus E is usually reflected in the stiffness of parts. Maybe the buyer of violet laser plate making machine will be better off because there are several polymer plate printing suppliers to choose from.

Now, when the technology develops to the processing - free printing plate Such price dependence is becoming more and more popular. Pressek, the first processing free printing plate supplier, is a typical example. If you buy a dimension plate making machine using ablation technology for pressek printing plate, you must accept the price and supply provided by its manufacturer. In view of this Heidelberg recently began to use Japanese plate foil (thinner aluminum plate) for its di (direct imaging) printing machine. Although the price is cheaper, customers have to rely on Heidelberg completely

in fact, more and more plate suppliers have realized such a trick of "trapping" customers. Tsko graphic announced in the autumn of 2004 Manufacturing and selling plate making machines for commercial offset printing because plate making machines can only make money by bundling them with plates. For the same reason, the original Creo company purchased two offset printing plate factories in South Africa and the United States, and delivered their plates to small plate factories, such as}gags in Spain. Factory. But this bundling makes cre. The company later had to suffer a lot Because they have reversed the business principles. As the logistics supply and the stability of thermal printing plates put forward high requirements for enterprises, many enterprises basically take a wait-and-see attitude towards the purchase of plates, so cre. The lower sales of plates still cannot compensate for the difference between the cost and selling price caused by the plate making machine and the developer sold at a low price because the plate price continues to rise

competitors continue to decrease

two years ago, "when Agfa announced that it would take over dagger Astra, many people wondered why it did not report to Europe ziter (antitrust) The Bureau protested. When Kodak took over Creo this year, it also did not appeal to the US and European cartel bureaus. The final consequence must be that more and more suppliers disappear from the market

drupa after 2004, Beisi printing company was merged by Belgian punch group due to the crisis of cash solvency. Punch company is proficient in manufacturing plate exposure machine (plate making machine). Five years ago, it received s from Belgium; Robbie company In the 1990s, the company developed Polaris high-speed newspaper CTP plate making machine Agfa, which successfully received the sales of this plate making machine and has now become the market leader in the newspaper CTP field. Strobbe, Xeikon and Bess India, which were jointly owned by punch gaohix in early 2005, have been listed on the London Stock Exchange. In May this year, Agfa extended its contract with strobbe for the production of Polaris plate making machine. Soon Bess printing company announced They are ready to produce and sell newspaper plate making machines that use cheap traditional printing plates

real reasons

Agfa Polaris plate making machine produced by strobbe, a subsidiary of punch graphics, is the global leader in the newspaper printing market.

digital plates are definitely more expensive than traditional plates for the above reasons And this high price level will continue, but this is not a long-term reason

the following two reasons may be more illustrative

first, the price of raw materials in recent years and 4 The salary cost of buffer oil return is significantly increased due to poor performance. However, the plate manufacturers cannot transfer this extra cost to the traditional plate price due to the pressure of market competition. Digital plate is the best export for them to achieve profit breakthrough:

secondly, all printing plants using CTP rely on their suppliers. Therefore, a symbiotic relationship is formed between the two. Printing enterprises prefer the stable development of their suppliers In the total cost of printing movable parts, "the printing plate cost accounts for only about 2%" and this factor is the same for all printing plants. "Whether purple laser or thermal plate is used, high-priced plates will affect the competition among printing plants every day.

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