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Why is the spring of industrial IOT coming instead of industrial interconnection

Abstract: among the top ten industries of IOT proposed by China in 2011, it is clear that the development direction of industrial IOT is "industry and automatic control". At present, many people in the industry have confused this basic concept. When people often refer to the application of IOT in the industrial manufacturing field, they equate industry 4.0 or industrial interconnection with industrial IOT respectively, which actually has a great internal difference

among the top ten industries of IOT proposed by China in 2011, it is clear that the development direction of industrial IOT is "industry and automatic control". At present, many people in the industry have confused this basic concept. When people often refer to the application of IOT in the industrial manufacturing field, they equate industry 4.0 or industrial interconnection with industrial IOT respectively, which actually has a great internal difference

1. Background and the meaning behind it

first of all, we have to look again at the background and the meaning behind the two concepts

in April, 2013, the German government officially launched the "industry 4.0" strategy at the Hannover Industrial Expo, which aims to improve the competitiveness of German industry and take the lead in the new round of industrial revolution. The German academic and industrial circles believe that the concept of "industry 4.0" is the fourth industrial revolution or revolutionary production method led by intelligent manufacturing. The strategy aims to transform the manufacturing industry to intelligence by making full use of the combination of information and communication technology and cyber physical system

in june2013, Ge in the United States took the lead in putting forward the industrial Internet revolution. Immelt, the boss of Ge, said in his speech that an open and global network connects people, data and machines. The goal of industrial interconnection is to upgrade those key industrial areas. Today, there are millions of machines and equipment in the world, from simple electric motorcycles to high-end MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machines. Clusters of tens of thousands of complex machines, from power plants to transport aircraft. So remember that the full name of this concept is actually called "industrial interconnection revolution", and the following description explains the meaning behind it

German industry 4.0 does not clearly point out its relationship with interconnection. It emphasizes methodology, which is the direction of manufacturing industry and must be intelligent. However, in essence, industry 4.0 is still an integral part of the evolution of the Internet. Generally speaking, after countless industries were impacted by the Internet wave, the Internet began to transform the industrial manufacturing industry

2. So how to transform it? The core is IOT

now we can clearly realize that industrial IOT is the key to the improvement of intelligent manufacturing. Instead of being carried away by some noun concept

in terms of the strategic planning of "made in China 2025", I think the top management today is very sober, and clearly knows the bottom of our industrial foundation level, so I think it is very objective to put forward that the improvement of "made in China" will be seen in 2025! It can not be accomplished overnight. We are not directly led astray by Germany's industry 4.0 and the so-called industrial interconnection, or we are far from our actual situation. This is a basic understanding. If China's industry or made in China wants to start from 1.5 or even 2.0, it must take more than 10 years to complete the construction of the industrial IOT, which is also very important to greatly improve the canvas and the center line. This is the key

what must be done or should be done by the industrial IOT

in combination with our observations in the past two years and various aspects of industrial preparation, Wuge suggests starting from the following aspects

first, I want to clear my family's bottom? Many enterprise bosses simply do not know what state their factories are in. Of course, many local governments have no way to clearly understand the actual situation of local industrial manufacturing. This creates a huge waste. Many people mistakenly believe that our industrial foundation is weak and that we are still in the stage of handicraft industry a hundred years ago. Wrong, unless it is a handicraft industry that really needs our craftsmen, in fact, our industrial foundation has been in good condition after so many years of reform and opening up

but what are our problems? It's because you have something good in your hand that you don't use, or you can't use it at all. I once visited a large factory in a big city in the north. It is absolutely the level where the country needs to press the emergency stop button at this time. It is also a demonstration base for the local government's key intelligent industry. The cheapest machine tools and equipment inside are all worth a "Benz", and even the most advanced equipment in the world, which costs tens of millions to introduce. But there is no way. The workers' operation level is limited, and the machine can not achieve the real effect

a private entrepreneur who accompanied me that time looked at the drooling expression of the pile of equipment. I really still remember it. Later, I connected the cooperation between the two sides, and it is said that the effect is good

second, play a role

without good equipment and with good equipment, we can't give full play to our role, and we can't take cooling measures. This is the actual situation at present. How can we solve it? I think the first thing to be solved is the standard system of evaluation. Or in the final analysis, what is the real efficiency? Can you know it. One of our important member units, and also a national team level enterprise, told me a classic case in the exchange. They were coaching a factory under Foxconn. At that time, the factory was OEM for the United States. In the past, it took 37 minutes to complete one piece of a certain part. Everyone was very satisfied. As a result, we helped redesign and adjust the process flow under our guidance. How much time does it take to produce the same part now? 3 minutes! That's more than 10 times the efficiency improvement. The increase in benefits is amazing

this is the effect brought about by the industrial IOT. The same equipment and the same workers have achieved double results through re optimization and improvement. Therefore, at present, there are a large number of high-end equipment and a large number of advanced lathes in the business community of our country. People still complain that our technical level is backward, which is really not the case. It is terrible not to use the real system to set the experimental items and parameters through the computer

therefore, the promotion of made in China must not be a matter of buying, but of changing

third, learn methods

all the problems mentioned above are general problems. How to solve them

last year, we established the intelligent manufacturing and industrial IOT center, ready to work to solve the above problems. By building the big data

service platform of the Industrial Property Association in various places, we will fully bring our accumulated experience and ability to the local business community. Of course, this process can not be separated from the support of local governments. Not long ago, we had exchanges and docking with the two cities, and the results were very good. Local leaders supported the implementation of our industrial service platform and gave them strong support

strengthen training. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.! IOT is a long-term process, especially for industrial IOT. Buying a lot of knowhow may be just a word, a layer of window paper, but it is difficult to dig and understand deeply. Just like the previous examples, enterprises such as Foxconn, which are famous for OEM, are technically advanced, but they still have defects and problems. For this purpose, we have specially prepared a complete training system and introduced the advanced training experience of German counterparts. In the future, we will help domestic enterprises develop rapidly

fourth, change the mode

the traditional business model is nothing more than a buying and selling relationship. When an enterprise purchases a machine tool, the manufacturer comes to train technicians and teach them to use it, even if the task is completed. In the face of intelligent manufacturing, there is still a big gap between simply learning to use it. The so-called intelligent manufacturing, in fact, the core key is how to maximize the efficiency, just like most of our high-end machine tools have only played less than 60% of the efficiency. How do we reflect the value of our methods and solutions on how to improve or rapidly improve efficiency through scientific and technological means

in fact, it is very simple. We can adopt a method similar to contract energy management, and divide the benefits according to the effect of the solution and the value it brings

at the same time: in the face of the industrial services of IOT, we will give full play to the sharing mode. This year, we will cooperate with a listed company to build 10 industrial IOT service centers nationwide. Each center has an equipment spare parts warehouse. If there is a problem with your factory equipment, we will replace it with spare parts as soon as possible to solve the problem in a timely manner. Such services have been supported by many large manufacturers, which not only saves the burden of enterprises, but also improves the circulation rate of the industry, even called turning waste into treasure

you see, these are all things that can be done by the industrial IOT itself. At this time, it is clear that industry embraces interconnection, or the core of interconnection + industry

many people may say that setting production by sales or customized services for customers is not industrial interconnection? If you think about it carefully, without the support of the back-end factory system, isn't even the whole so-called customized service a complete industrial IOT process

3. The future has come, the Internet of things

the future has come, the Internet of things, and the future of intelligent manufacturing will continue to meet the requirements and improve the whole business process with the highest efficiency. Those foundations are to complete the industrial IOT, which must be recognized. Otherwise, there is no practical significance to argue about any concept, even if you say that you can achieve industry 8.0

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