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Jiangxi Fuzhou paper mill is a large state-owned paper enterprise. Since 1997, due to the economic transition, high production costs, lack of working capital and other reasons, production has been stagnant, in a state of shutdown or semi shutdown. In 1998, it was leased by Jiangxi paper industry group to form Fuzhou paperboard Co., Ltd. after investment and technical transformation, it was completely shut down to fully resume production. Only seven months later, the production reached the standard, and 9827t box paperboard trucks were produced, with a sales revenue of 63.43 million yuan. The tax paid was 3million yuan and the profit was 510000 yuan. It is a miracle that Fuzhi can turn around losses and get out of difficulties in a short time

how can Fuzhi recover? The comprehensive analysis has the following main factors:

first, it is the national policy support. The country lists the paper industry as the basic industry of the national economy, and it is included in the preferential scope of "7+1 users can conduct different tests through simple operation" interest subsidy technology transformation loan. By virtue of this express ship, Jiangxi Paper Group has loaned 80million yuan and raised 20million yuan by itself, laying an economic foundation for technological transformation

second, deepen reform and formulate correct development strategies. Jiang paper does have a long-term vision for development by renting Fu paper. China is about to join the WTO. If it wants to have a place and a firm foothold in the paper industry market in the future, it will be impossible without strong products and intensive production and management mode. The original production of Fuzhou paper mill 2. There is no indenter deformation; The design is to produce high-grade Kraft linerboard that can replace foreign imports, and has a good market prospect, which just makes up for the lack of uniformity of the original products of Jiang paper. In addition, in strict accordance with national standards, industrial standards and international standards, Fuzhou paper mill invested more than 300million yuan in plant and equipment and more than 1000 skilled workers in the early stage, all of which were put into operation, enabling the combination of Jiang and Ji to maximize the complementary advantages

third, seize time and progress. The quick arrival of funds has won valuable time for technological transformation and enabled the rapid recovery of production. The key to solve the overall problem is to find out the correct technical transformation projects and have a definite aim. The production of Yuanfu paper mill came to a standstill, not because there was no market for its products, but because the production cost of using moso bamboo and pine as raw materials was too high, resulting in the inversion of sales and costs. To resume production, we should first solve the problem of high costs. After many investigations, who decided to adjust the structure of raw materials to import waste paper deinking technology. The technological transformation and adjustment of the papermaking production line shall be carried out simultaneously. Substitute raw materials for moso bamboo and songmujie. There is no waste paper pulping production line. It immediately invests 50million yuan to introduce a complete set from the United States and support the innovation of waste paper deinking technology. The technical transformation and adjustment of the paper production line are carried out synchronously. At that time, the technical transformation and installation of the whole plant were carried out, and the heat-resistant parts were fully manufactured and rolled out. The whole technological transformation process was completed within half a year, which won time for reaching the production capacity and checking. From the production practice since november1999, the raw material structure has been changed, the production cost has decreased significantly, and the product quality has been guaranteed. The annual production capacity of Fuzhou Paper Co., Ltd. has increased from 3. From 40000 t to 60000 t

fourth, Fu paper company is also working hard to strengthen enterprise management and tap potential. It pays attention to the management of people based on their feelings and implements the way of development of production and welfare together, which has mobilized the enthusiasm of employees. Now the whole company is thinking and striving to make the enterprise steadily embark on a virtuous cycle, which will create more profit growth points for China's carton board industry. (linhualing)

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