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Why the price of common plate is higher than that of variety plate

recently, the price of boiler vessel plate in Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places has been slightly lower; Although the price of low-alloy plate has barely risen, compared with the common carbon plate, the price of low-alloy plate has been almost the same as that of the common plate, and even in some places, there is a price inversion phenomenon compared with the common plate; Although the ship plate has increased slightly, compared with the increase of the common plate, it still lacks the stamina. Why is the performance of the variety board so weak when the price of the general board is rising all the way

some time ago, the price of variety board remained high, and the price deviated from the market seriously. Take the boiler vessel plate as an example. At the peak of 16MnR, the market price in Shanghai and other places reached 5600 yuan/ton (with a thickness of more than 12mm), the price difference with the common plate reached 1800 yuan/ton, and the price difference between the low alloy plate and the ship plate and the common plate was also too high. Therefore, the decline of the boiler vessel plate price should be a reasonable regression of the price; The narrowing of the price difference between ship plate, low alloy plate and ordinary plate is also a normal market reaction at present

the demand of downstream users has shrunk. It is understood that recently, due to the national macro-control, many new projects have been forced to be launched, while some projects that have been launched have reduced the procurement of engineering materials due to financial problems. Affected by this, many boiler vessel factories have recently reduced the procurement of Boiler Vessel Plates. Low alloy plate is even worse. Many construction machinery manufacturing industries have reduced the procurement of low alloy plate due to capital problems; Many infrastructure and high-rise building construction directly reduce the demand for weathering low alloy steel plate due to the impact of capital problems; The recent measures to limit overload have significantly reduced the consumption of low alloy plates in many automobile refitting plants. Although the demand of shipyards is still strong, the national development and Reform Commission is also taking measures to control the shipbuilding industry. In addition, the flood season now generally exists, which has an impact on the shipbuilding industry

steel plant factors. In June, the prices of Boiler Vessel Plates and ship plates of Jigang and Masteel were much lower than those of the third plant and Nangang, so the dealers selling Boiler Vessel Plates and ship plates in East China actively came to Jigang and Masteel to organize the supply of goods. The supply prices of Xinyu and Yingkou in the East China market of low alloy plates have always been the lowest among steel mills, which has had a great impact on the East China low alloy plate market to ensure that the clamping unit and test plate are fixed at this position. In addition, due to the low price of common plate in January, the supply of variety plate in East China has increased

due to the recent continuous decline in ferromanganese prices, the silicon manganese alloy Market in the western region fell again after stabilizing in the early stage this week. At present, the market price of silicon manganese alloy (6517#) in Guiyang is about yuan/ton, which is about yuan/ton lower than that half a month ago; The market quotation of high carbon ferromanganese (mn65t) is about 5200 yuan/ton, down about 800 yuan/ton compared with half a month ago. In addition, the output of silicon manganese alloy has five functions of tensile testing machine. Do you know? It is hoped that the above sharing by Mets technicians can help everyone to rise, resulting in a decline in the market price of silicon and manganese. These also bring adverse factors to the price rise of the variety board

the variety board is not as sensitive to the market as the general board. The variety board is a special board, and its liquidity is not as good as the general board. Compared with the general board with strong liquidity, the price rise and fall of the variety board always lags behind the former. Therefore, when the price of the general board rises, the price of the variety board may still fall

to sum up, it is the common discussion of many businesses to rationally view the price difference between the variety board and the general board. It is believed that with the recent recovery of the general board price, the price of the variety board should be at a reasonable price Elastic deformation: stable after removing the load

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