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Life can be dull, but it must not be mediocre. Xinhaoxuan gives you the one-stop door and window customization you want

I want to have a home

it's not big but warm enough

it can accommodate my joys and sorrows

accompany me through spring, summer, autumn and winter

don't give up the love and persistence of life

don't make efforts to pursue comfort and quality

live an extremely easy life in the Limited home space

life can be flat but never mediocre

Xinhaoxuan gives you what you want

one stop customization of doors and windows of the whole house

Whole house customization

a full range of household door and window products

Xinhaoxuan has a full range of door and window products such as aluminum alloy doors, aluminum alloy windows, sunshine rooms, wooden doors, stainless steel explosion-proof doors, which are applied to the lobby, living room, dining room, kitchen, study, bedroom, bathroom, balcony and other space areas, and provides a whole house door and window customization scheme

Xinhaoxuan ・ aluminum alloy door

Xinhaoxuan ・ aluminum alloy window

Xinhaoxuan ・ sunshine room

Xinhaoxuan ・ wooden door

Xinhaoxuan ・ stainless steel explosion-proof door

technical control

system door and window structure configuration

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows, select materials, integrate global high-quality resources, and cooperate with hopper hobo, G-U lattice house, Roto Noto, hautau.Haotao, technoform, tenofeng, ensinger, ensinger Taibo group and other brands form strategic partners

Xinhaoxuan aluminum alloy doors and windows are made of aviation grade silicon titanium magnesium aluminum alloy profiles, hollow tempered glass, imported hardware accessories, EPDM foam composite adhesive strips, creating a multi cavity structure, German pin glue injection process, multi lock point anti-theft system, humanized design... They have superior properties such as wind and rain resistance, sound insulation and noise reduction, heat insulation, anti-theft, anti prying, anti falling and anti-collision, safety and energy saving, and the system doors and windows have high performance, excellent quality High cost-effective structural configuration, providing customers with high-quality doors and windows

Xinhao porch wooden door, mouth stop conjoined technology, imported Canadian pine, heavy stress, not easy to sag, shake, not deform, not crack. Full solid wood semi filled structure, special process is adopted for edge banding, and humanized fillet design prevents scratches, making it safer to use. The door pocket line is thick, the style is diverse, the sense of hierarchy is strong, and the grade is highlighted. Closed waterproof layer is adopted to effectively prevent foaming and mildew. Brand environmental protection paint, 6-bottom and 3-side process, smooth feel, no formaldehyde, no odor, zero emission. Magnetic lock, mute magnetic strip and door bottom sealer make the sealing waterproof, dust and sound insulation, heat preservation and energy saving effect more guaranteed

Xinhaoxuan stainless steel explosion-proof door is made of high-quality stainless steel, copper steel and other profiles. The lock body adopts 304 stainless steel three prevention lock body, and the imported precision cast heaven and earth hinge to ensure the superior performance of rust prevention, corrosion prevention, impact deformation resistance, explosion prevention, prying prevention, collision avoidance, firmness, stability, easy load-bearing, free opening and so on. In terms of technology, the door leaf adopts the full-automatic NC slotting process, so that the 90 degree corner is clear, and the three-dimensional effect is clear. The door frame adopts the full-automatic 45 degree corner cutting machine and manual grinding, and the splicing is flat and tight. The door frame and door leaf are punched uniformly, with zero tolerance, so as to ensure smooth opening and closing

appearance control

there is beauty, material and connotation

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows have a variety of product styles, such as modern simplicity, new Chinese classic, European light luxury, rural freshness, Mediterranean style, etc., which are beautiful and generous, and the decorative home is shining

one stop matching

one stop home door and window customization service

pre sales: free door-to-door measurement, and design the door and window customization scheme of the whole house according to customer needs

on sale: terminal stores all over the country provide customers with one-stop services such as home delivery and door-to-door installation

after sales: comprehensive after-sales guarantee and perfect after-sales service system make you feel at ease and more at ease

the one-stop home door and window customization service allows you to worry free before, during and after sales, and gives you a more convenient and reassuring customization experience

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows

we are willing to do our best

use high-quality doors and windows

protect the good home time

realize the one-stop customization of doors and windows in the whole room system




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