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“ Gold nine silver ten ” It is the traditional peak season for decoration. Under the background of the strong rise of the post-80s and post-90s new consumer groups, “ Whole house customization ” It has become a hot keyword in the home decoration market. Take Sofia, which started earlier, as an example. After more than ten years of development, the continuous consolidation of flexible production capacity makes customized furniture no longer “ Luxury goods ”, Be able to enter the public's home

consumer recall, “ Ten years ago, customizing a large wardrobe was often thousands of dollars, which was a lot of investment& rdquo; And in this year's “ Gold nine silver ten ” During the promotion season, Sofia launched E0 level “ 19800 yuan whole house customized package &rdquo& ldquo; Xiangbao annual rings 19800 yuan whole house customized package ” And “ Jane Europe 24800 yuan whole house customized package ”, Kangchun board “ 19800 yuan whole house customized package ”, In the package, you can choose home cabinet, TV cabinet, shoe cabinet, wine cabinet, bookcase, wardrobe, cloakroom and tatami, and then send an accessory gift bag to easily realize the customization of the whole room& ldquo; Product quality and design aesthetics have improved, but the price has become accessible, which is good news for consumers& rdquo; The consumer said

“ Whole house customization ” It has become a popular keyword in the home decoration market

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different from standardized products, customized products basically have no inventory, and all should be produced according to the drawing sheet. Flexible manufacturing capacity is the direct embodiment of enterprise strength. In 2012, the year after the listing of Sofia, Sofia invested its first flexible production line in Zengcheng headquarters factory. In the same year, Sofia invested and built factories in Chengdu, Langfang and Jiashan, expanding the production capacity of customized furniture at a very fast speed. In September, 2015, Huanggang branch was officially put into operation, and the five national full house customized furniture production bases were all in normal production. A production support system covering the national sales network has been formed. Sofia is the only customized furniture enterprise with capacity reserves in the southeast, northwest and middle of the country

taking the peak season of 2016 as an example, the company produces 8000 drawing sheets every day, and each drawing sheet is composed of 50 plates of different sizes and shapes. In other words, the company produces 400000 plates every day, and each plate has a corresponding QR code, which is a very large amount of data processing, and it must also rely on intelligent manufacturing to resolve production pressure. Sofia's flexible production line cuts plates according to different sizes to improve the utilization rate of plates; The intelligent sorting system can realize automatic sorting prompt and reduce the error rate. With the help of intelligent manufacturing equipment, the production capacity of the five major production bases in China is 8000 orders/day, which can complete 8billion production tasks a year

it is worth mentioning that in 2016, the delivery time of customized furniture in the whole house was the shortest in the past five years, and the success rate of one-time installation was as high as 80%

Take Kunming market, which is located in the southwest, as an example. In 2008, the first store in Kunming opened in Dashanghui building materials city. After years of careful service, it has grown to more than 20 stores now, with nearly 300 employees and rising performance. He Zong, Sofia Kunming dealer, said: “ At the beginning of operating Sofia, products were produced and shipped from Zengcheng headquarters factory. With more and more customer orders, after the completion of the western Chengdu factory in 2012, customer orders can be supplied from Chengdu and Zengcheng at the same time. The cycle from order placement to door-to-door installation has been shortened by 25 days. The improvement of factory capacity has become a strong backing for us to compete for market share& rdquo;

in the context of rising prices, the price of customized furniture is becoming more and more people-friendly, which may be attributed to the results of flexible production& ldquo; Flexible production ” It is a market-oriented advanced production mode, which can enhance the flexibility and adaptability of manufacturing enterprises, shorten product production cycle, improve equipment utilization and employee labor productivity, and improve product quality. Therefore, it is the best choice for customized furniture enterprises to solve the contradiction between personalized customization and large-scale production

not long ago, Sofia released its 2017 semi annual report, which said that with its comprehensive competitive advantages in flexible manufacturing, sales channels, category expansion and big data operation, Sofia achieved an operating revenue of about 2.487 billion yuan from January to June 2017, an increase of 49% over the previous period; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was about 294million yuan, an increase of 47.16% over the previous period. Continue to maintain a high growth rate in the industry





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