Common quality problems in indoor water and electr

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Common quality problems in indoor water and electricity decoration

the peak period of home decoration is approaching, and many consumers who do decoration for the first time have to "rush to the shelves". In order to prevent those frequent home decoration quality problems from falling into your home again, it is best to put a "prevention needle" in advance to see those common non-standard construction projects and the prevention skills you should master, so that you can refer to when decorating your own house

>& gt; In home decoration, the construction of electricity does not seem to be many on the surface, but many potential problems leave many hidden dangers for future life. Common problems mainly include: open circuit and short circuit of distribution line, weak TV signal, telephone reception interference, etc


1 It is mainly due to too many line connectors and improper handling of connectors. Some lines are too long, and some joints will be produced during electrician operation. However, due to the limitation of technical level, some electricians do not do well in wiring, insulation and moisture-proof treatment of the joints, which will lead to open circuit, short circuit and other phenomena

2. In order to reduce costs and cut corners, there is no casing for the concealed lines

3. The completed line is damaged by subsequent construction. For example, the wall line was broken by electric hammer, and the air nail gun pierced the PVC line pipe or sheath line when paving the floor

4. The distribution line does not consider that wires of different specifications have different rated currents, and the "small horse pulling the cart" causes the line itself to work overloaded for a long time

5. Different lines follow the same line. If the TV antenna, telephone line and distribution line are threaded into the same sleeve, the reception of TV and telephone will be disturbed

>& gt;& gt; Acceptance criteria for waterway renovation

plumbing series

after moving into a new house, water related quality problems may be found. For example, the water pipe leaks, the washbasin and dish washing pool return peculiar smell, the shower in the bathtub has small water flow, and the sanitary ware is inconvenient to use


1 Water pipe leakage: assuming that there is no quality problem in the water pipe and pipe fittings, the cold water pipe and hot water pipe may leak. The leakage of cold water pipe is generally caused by the failure of sealing when connecting the water pipe and pipe fittings; The leakage of the hot water pipe may be due to improper selection of sealing materials, in addition to the poor sealing

2. Reason for small water flow: during plumbing construction, in order to connect the whole line, thread the sawn water pipe. If the thread is too long, and the water pipe is screwed into the pipe fitting (such as elbow) too deep during connection, the water flow section will become smaller and the water flow will be smaller

3. The hose burst. Serpentine hose is mostly used to connect the main pipe to the sanitary ware. If the hose is of poor quality or the plumber tightens the hose during installation, the hose will burst after not using it for a long time

4. The reason why the toilet overflows when flushing is that the groove of the base is not sealed with oil putty when installing the toilet, and sewage will overflow from the gap between the base and the ground when flushing

5. The water in the washbasin returns peculiar smell. In the toilet after decoration, the position of the basin often moves to the wrong place with the sewer inlet, and the sewer pipe when buying the basin is often difficult to use directly. In order to save trouble, the installation workers generally do not make s-bends, resulting in the direct connection between the washbasin and the sewer pipe, and the odor comes back from the sewer





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