Mediterranean Home Aegean beauty

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Arched elements and horseshoe shaped doors and windows in the home are the most common decoration techniques in the Mediterranean style. It usually uses multiple connections or vertical connections to create an extended perspective in walking and viewing

the typical blue and white tone makes us unconsciously associate with Greek buildings that go blue and white all the way from door frames, windows and chair surfaces, as well as the integration of the sea and the blue sky. These elements have applied the contrast and collocation of blue and white to the extreme

it is as brilliant as Italian sunflowers and as soft as French lavender fields. Golden, blue, purple and other colors form a unique combination, which is very natural beauty. With enough sunshine in the room, all the colors show the most gorgeous side of the color. This is the characteristic of Mediterranean style: there is no affectation, and everything is true

how can a simple and pure Mediterranean beauty be without mosaic decoration? Colorful mosaics, whether used to decorate walls or collage bathroom, can make the space more flexible and colorful. Coupled with elegant antique floor tiles, this sunny Mediterranean is more simple and warm

the unique wrought iron furniture is also a unique aesthetic product of Mediterranean style. The furniture outlined by iron art has a full sense of permeability, and the clear and fine outline will increase the sense of space in the room. At the same time, the curly shape of the frame also adds interest to the room

most of the furniture in the Mediterranean decoration style have simple lines and rounded edges, and most of them are made of logs, which is more natural. Look at the sofa legs and coffee table legs, which all present a unique round shape. Their unique Roman column like decorative lines are simple and lively, revealing the flavor of ancient civilization





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