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The solid wood floor with natural environmental protection materials has been loved by many people, but because of its cumbersome maintenance, many people are deterred when purchasing. In fact, when using solid wood flooring, pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance, which is not so troublesome. The following simple three moves can make solid wood flooring obedient

1. The cracking and mildew of solid wood floors in use are often caused by soaking in water. For water stains caused by rain outside the window and water pipe leakage, you must wipe them with a soft cloth in time to keep the ground dry. When cleaning, corrosive liquids such as alkaline water and soapy water will damage the floor paint film, and dripping mops will leave water on the floor surface, which is not desirable

2. Waxing solid wood floors is also a good way to maintain floors. Wax will form a protective film on the surface of solid wood floor to separate the floor from dirt and facilitate cleaning; At the same time, it will also reduce the damage of direct sunlight to the surface paint layer of solid wood floor and maintain the brightness of the floor. However, when waxing, you should pay attention to whether the weather is sunny and whether the method is correct. If the humidity is too high or the method is improper, the floor will produce whitening, circle marks, and even discoloration

3. It should also be noted that sharp tools should be avoided from scratching the floor in daily use. When moving furniture, do not drag on the floor surface. High power electrical appliances and corrosive substances should not be in direct contact with the floor. Generally, the dirt on the floor can be wiped off with a soft cloth dipped in water. If it is stubborn dirt, never use a sharp tool to scrape and shovel, and it is best to consult a professional cleaner

conclusion: the maintenance of solid wood flooring seems cumbersome, but it is not difficult. More attention can be paid to daily use





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