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At the China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) held in Pazhou, Guangzhou from July 8 to 11, Aichen's new products and strategic products will be unveiled in a high profile

eichen smart doors and windows, from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, the "most livable country" in the world, is the world's largest supplier and manufacturer of safety door and window systems (one of them). It is a high-end brand under elairsar (Australia) Pty Ltd that focuses on the production of safety doors and windows and the development of intelligent door and window control systems

the safety of doors and windows lies in the safety of doors and windows

as the "leader in the field of safety doors and windows", Aichen has a strong R & D team composed of 62 technical experts and more than 100 patents. Relying on advanced Internet of things technology and big data platform, it has launched a series of products with "Internet of things cause". The current products include safety doors and windows, noble sunshine room, safety entry door, home safety system, etc

intelligent safety doors and windows, more than electric? Open and close the doors and windows of the whole house with one key of mobile phone remote control; Automatically close according to wind and rain; Turn on the intelligent system automatically according to the brightness of the light, and turn on the sprinkler system automatically according to the indoor and outdoor temperature to adjust the indoor environment to a suitable range; Safety doors and windows that can guard against theft without anti-theft nets; Safety doors and windows that can prevent children from falling...

once, we felt that those demanding industry black technologies only existed in science fiction films. Nowadays, those intelligent experiences that belong to the humanization of home will be presented in real life relying on the powerful and wise "heart" of Aichen - the unique "harmony Armani home environment monitoring system" with independent intellectual property rights

the multi-channel winning marketing system

also shakes the market and changes the market pattern of home building materials circulation, as well as Aichen's unique weapon - "Aichen partner" big data precision marketing platform. The effective analysis and matching of the platform will completely open up the "invisible channel", so that dealers and high-end owners have zero distance, seize the first opportunity, and grasp the sales initiative

the non reproducible profit model helps dealers make money easily; Build a store in 30 days to help dealers seize the opportunity and make profits faster; Fast and sustainable profit model, detonating immediately after opening; Partner model building: with the Aichen partner app as the platform, an open interest sharing place based on the exhibition hall, and the gold medal store manager as the connection basis... Online and offline interaction, Aichen's unique "marketing weapon" opens up invisible channels, combines virtual and real, attracts customers to the store all day long, and creates a "super store" that will never end

new trend, new future - more than 100 dealer partners choose Aichen, which also stems from our vision and pattern. As the pioneer and trendsetter of the "whole house smart home customization" industrial chain, Aichen is starting to synchronize with the world and re imagine the industry with its unique foresight, strategic in-depth layout ability and integration ability of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain

at the China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) held in Pazhou, Guangzhou from July 8 to 11, Aichen's new and strategic products will be unveiled in a high profile (booth is located on the first floor of hall 3.1/smart home hall, zone a, Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall, booth 33), and meet with major door and window industry giants at home and abroad




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