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Suifu doors and windows sees that many people with calm personality prefer the new Chinese style, which mainly integrates the interpretation of Chinese traditional style and culture in the contemporary background and the new design of Chinese contemporary culture. It can make traditional culture well reflected in modern times

the new Chinese style has a modern sense in room layout, tone and home furnishing modeling, which is very coordinated with the spatial structure of the building. Absorbing the connotation of traditional culture as design elements, it is very rich in Chinese classical color, and softens the comfort of modern home

the new Chinese style emphasizes simple lines and exquisite carving. New Chinese furniture has symbolic elements in traditional culture. Its shape is simpler and smoother than traditional furniture, and its layout is more flexible and casual. It reveals a strong cultural charm and shows the exquisite craftsmanship

the new Chinese style also pays attention to the sense of hierarchy of space. Through the separation of space to achieve functional space and isolate the line of sight. Using Chinese screens, Bogu shelves and other separation methods, the space shows the beauty of Chinese levels, enriches the overall space, and has a style without depression

the new Chinese style not only retains the traditional culture, but also reflects the characteristics of the times, breaking through the shortcomings of the traditional style, such as calmness and lack of vitality. Classical colors are often used as the keynote, pattern symbols, plant decorations, etc. to create a modern landscape space with Chinese classical aesthetics

the new Chinese style is more suitable for matching wood grain aluminum alloy doors and windows. Aluminum alloy doors and windows have superior performance, and the wood grain effect is clear and lifelike, highlighting three-dimensional, making people return to nature. Wood grain aluminum alloy doors and windows are integrated into the Chinese style without any sense of conflict

Suifu doors and windows It is believed that the new Chinese style permeates the Chinese civilization in a relatively simple form and will never be out of date. The longer it takes, the more charming it will be. To match the new Chinese style, you can go to Suifu doors and windows and choose wood grain aluminum alloy doors and windows




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