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The restaurant that makes the family "beautiful and edible" is not only a space for "eating fast", but also a warm place for the family to get together and exchange emotions. The decoration of the restaurant has great flexibility, which can be made into different styles according to the hobbies of different families and specific living environment. In the whole process of family decoration, the decoration of the restaurant is not a big project, and the decoration difficulty is also low, but the decoration of the restaurant needs to take into account the residents' habits of eating and the way to spend time after dinner. Among them, the ground decoration, lighting and functional planning play a vital role in the overall atmosphere and style of the restaurant

first, the style of the restaurant

the style of the restaurant is determined by the tableware, so in the early stage of decoration, we should decide on the style of the dining table and dining chair. Among them, colors, ceiling shapes and wall decorations are the most likely to conflict. Generally speaking, the style of the restaurant includes the following ways:

1, glass dining table. Corresponding to modern style and simple style

2. Dark wood dining table. Corresponding to Chinese style and simple style

3. Light colored wooden dining table. Corresponding to natural style and Nordic style

4. Metal carved dining table. Corresponding to the traditional European (Western European) style

5. Simple metal dining table. It corresponds to modern style, simple style and metalism style

second, the color matching of the restaurant

the color matching of the restaurant generally follows the living room, which is mainly considered from the perspective of spatial sense, because in most domestic housing designs, the restaurant and the living room are interlinked. For the color matching of restaurants, warm color system should be adopted, because from the perspective of color psychology, warm color is conducive to promoting appetite

III. choice of floor material of restaurant

the floor of restaurant is easy to be stained with oil or watered, so the choice of floor material needs careful consideration. Generally speaking, the dining room, living room and kitchen are connected. The living room is usually paved with floor tiles, so the same material can also be used in the dining room. Now there are many anti-skid floor tiles, which are beautiful and generous. They are not afraid of water, wear-resistant and have a long service life. Using light colors will make the dining room look bright. But if there is a certain partition between the living room and the restaurant, you can also choose laminate flooring in the restaurant

IV. lighting of the restaurant

lighting of the restaurant is a difficulty in decoration. The lighting of the restaurant can not only create an atmosphere, but also affect appetite. Therefore, incandescent lamps with low color temperature, milky white bulbs or frosted bulbs are suitable in restaurants. Because the diffuse light is not dazzling, and has a natural sense of light, which is more friendly and gentle, and will enhance people's appetite. In addition, mixed light sources can also be used, that is, the combination of low color temperature lamps and high color temperature lamps. The effect of mixed lighting is quite close to sunlight, and the light source is not monotonous, which will make people feel happy and make them feel anxious in the face of a full table of meals




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