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The national excellent lacquer painting exhibition held in Haicang lasted until February 12. On February 3, the "prosperous and harmonious" national excellent lacquer painting exhibition and international sports cartoon exhibition organized by Xiamen Art Museum, Haicang District Bureau of culture, sports, radio, television, publication and tourism, and Haicang District Cultural Center was held in the exhibition hall on the first floor of Haicang District Cultural Center. A total of 22 lacquer paintings and nearly 300 sports humorous paintings will be exhibited in this exhibition, which will last from February 3 to 12

it is understood that these 22 lacquer paintings are collected by Xiamen Art Museum. So what is the difference between these two experiments? Next, Shandong Sida high tech will make a simple introduction to the fine works selected from the award-winning works of the national art exhibition and the national lacquer exhibition. Nearly 300 works of sports humorous paintings are selected from the sports humorous paintings exhibition held at the previous Olympic Games and world sports events. This exhibition is part of the "art Caravan" entry activity of Xiamen Art Museum to improve control performance

the national excellent lacquer painting exhibition held in Haicang lasted until the 12th

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