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The National Glass information exchange meeting will be held in Chongqing on October 17

in order to achieve the grand goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and fully implement the scientific concept of development, vigorously develop the circular economy and build a resource-saving and environmental friendly harmonious society, organize experts and scholars in the glass industry to communicate with glass enterprise leaders and engineering technicians, and promote the technological progress of glass enterprises across the country It is of great significance to better implement the national "Eleventh Five Year Plan" for energy conservation development. The glass industry in Chongqing has developed rapidly in recent years. Beibei glassware factory has a production history of nearly 100 years. It is a wonderful flower in China's glass grinding and deep industry. Visiting and inspecting Chongqing glass enterprises is also an excellent opportunity for enterprises to learn from each other

to this end, at the request of the majority of glass enterprises, the China Light Industry Cleaner Production Center, the Department of glass and enamel, Chongqing Glass Industry Association and the Exhibition Management Office of China Light Industry Information Center will hold a "national information exchange meeting on new technologies, new equipment, energy conservation and emission reduction of glass enterprises" in Chongqing wanyoukangnian hotel from October 17 to 21, 2007. Leaders and technicians of glass production enterprises and supporting enterprises across the country are welcome to attend the meeting

the contents of the meeting are as follows:

1. 2007 National glass industry economic operation analysis report

2. Glass industry energy conservation and emission reduction policies and development trends

3. The latest kiln energy-saving quenching is the special report of cold water direct cooling technology and energy-saving equipment at home and abroad

4. The special report of the latest glass production environmental protection technology and equipment at home and abroad

5. The report of green environmental protection and production management experience of glass enterprises

6 Special reports on glass production technology, ingredients, kilns, row and column machines

7. Visit and investigate Chongqing glassware and glass bottle and can manufacturers

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