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At 11:20 on June 9, longquanzhuang Road, Xiling Town, national highway 112, Yixian County, Baoding City, 1: a large tank car loaded with methanol overturned during a long period of time without doing experiments, causing methanol leakage, and no one was trapped. Firefighters rushed to the scene to carry out rescue

at the scene of the accident, a blue tank car overturned in the roadside drainage channel, and the liquid continuously spewed out from the two exhaust valves above the roof. After inquiry, it was learned that this car was the vehicle of Cangzhou Huanghua Ruitong transportation company. Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, drove to Langfang. When passing through longquanzhuang village, Xiling Town, Yi County, it accidentally overturned on the roadside, and the tank contained 29.8 tons of methanol

after arriving at the scene, the firefighters were worried about the hot weather and the explosion accident caused by the high temperature of the tank. They immediately warned the scene and cooled the tank at the same time. Because the car body is heavy, firefighters contact relevant departments, transfer "Extending the shelf life of food also means reducing food waste. Large crane trucks were used to adjust the accident vehicles.

three large crane trucks arrived at the scene. The crane driver checked the small stress of the vehicle on the scene and found that the accident vehicle was tightly pressed against the ground, and there was no suitable lifting point. Fire officers and soldiers dug a ditch with a width of 80 cm from the front and rear tank body, and fixed the steel wire rope through the gap through the fixed lifting point After the lifting point is completed, a quilt is wrapped around the steel wire rope to prevent friction and ignition between the steel wire rope and the tank during the lifting process

during the lifting process, the firefighters sent out two flowering spray water guns to be ready to deal with emergencies at any time. With the close cooperation of the on-site rescuers, the accident vehicle was successfully placed on the road half an hour later

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