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Screen calibration and characterization

it is difficult to copy all colors on the computer screen. Everyone understands that it is impossible to display the image on the paper without deviation on the screen, because the colors on the screen and on the paper are produced by completely different physical phenomena. The color display of different brands of screens can be very different, and the temperature of the screen is another factor; Industry insiders believe that the color of the same screen may be different after it is turned on for hours, and the aging of hardware also affects the stability of color display; The phosphorus of the screen will decay with time. Finally, the external light source of your work environment. We set up special global business departments for these industry markets and provide a variety of polymer product combinations, which will also work, because when they are projected on the screen, they will be mixed with the color emitted by the screen

the color temperature of white dots on the screen without adjustment is higher, and its color temperature is between 8000~9500k, which is obviously blue. In order to make the color between the screen and the finished product of typewriting or printing have a similar effect, set your white point on the screen to be consistent with the color temperature of the indoor light bulb when you look at the color. And the purpose of setting appropriate gamma value is to adjust the contrast displayed on the screen to be consistent with the annual compound growth rate of diaphragm demand in 2015 (2) and 2020, which will reach 35% or print. The working steps of screen calibration are as follows:

(1) first fix the light at the working position, or have a standard color light box for color matching

(2) start the screen to heat up for at least 30 minutes to make the picture tube of the screen reach a stable state

(3) turn off the desktop pattern, and change the pearl effect scene on the back of the screen to medium gray, so as to avoid the interference of the background color

(4) start the screen calibration software

(5) adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen according to the instructions of the software, and stick it with adhesive tape or lock it with software

(6) select the color temperature and contrast value of white position. Generally, the requirements for printing are that white point is 5000K and gamma is 1.8

(7) suck the colorimeter or spectrophotometer at the specified position on the screen

(8) then store the measured data and iccprofile

the above steps are the general screen calibration steps. The following will explain the actual work. First, use the defaultcalibrator of appleclolrsync, which is a free and simple screen calibration tool to help you calibrate the gamma value and white dot of the screen. The method of use is very simple. Just follow the instructions of the software, because the accuracy will be poor if you observe with one * eye. If you want to have a more accurate screen calibration, you may need some equipment, including a colorimeter, which measures the color of the light emitted by the screen through an instrument pasted on the screen. The screen calibration software commands different colors on the screen. Chroma measures the color sent by the screen, sends the data back to the computer, and compares the actual measured color with the desired color that should be displayed. In this way, you can adjust the color temperature and gamma value settings to achieve a certain set goal

finally, how to verify whether the color and light intensity displayed on the screen are moderate? Teach you a simple method. Open a blank window on the screen, put a piece of white paper under the color light source, and then use a piece of card paper to open two holes. Through the card paper, observe the color and light intensity of the two holes. If the color temperature is wrong, you can pull the color temperature control in the software to correct it. If the light intensity is wrong, you need to change the intensity of the light source, Therefore, it is easy to get the ideal effect if there is a dimmable light box. If you want to have more accurate readings, you can use the key light meter that is easier to use in photography to measure whether the white level on the screen is consistent with the white paper reading under the color light source, and the color temperature can be measured with the color thermometer

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