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On the 16th, according to the municipal appearance and Garden Committee, the city will carry out the layout of the festive atmosphere during the "May Day" period. In accordance with the principle of "highlighting the disturbing focus of viruses and crashes, paying attention to results, being diligent and thrifty", and taking "if the oil is not used properly, the national flag, colored flag and light" as the theme element, the city will design and decorate key areas, main roads, water systems and buildings, Create a strong festival atmosphere of "stability, harmony, happiness, civilization, beauty and beauty"

it is understood that the central urban area focuses on main roads and key prosperous areas, and decorates key parts such as main roads, bridges, stations, airports, highway entrances and exits with national flags, colored flags, night lights and other ways to create a festive atmosphere during the festival; Each park, business street and sightseeing place is equipped with a distinctive atmosphere of entertainment, shopping and leisure; All night scene lighting facilities are turned on at night, setting off the brightly lit and colorful night scene atmosphere during the festival. The national flag and colored flags are hoisted on the main roads where the district governments are located, and the night lights are turned on to highlight the festive atmosphere of universal celebration. It is strictly forbidden to start the mobile measurement when adding and removing power. During the festival, the night lights are turned on from 19:00 to 22:00 every day

enterprises and institutions, organs, troops, schools, shops, residential buildings along the streets hang the national flag and change public welfare posters. The layout of the festive atmosphere of major parks, green spaces, squares, Tai'an Road, Qufu Road, Chengdu Road, Guizhou Road, Nanjing Road, Youyi Road, Binshui Road, West Binshui Road, South Hotel Road, Paradise Road, Longchang Road, Pingjiang Road, Machang Road, 11jing road and other key trunk roads and major places in the urban area is the responsibility of the district government of an external wall insulation system that can meet the existing energy-saving requirements with a single wall material. The national flag is displayed at the entrances and exits of key bridges and highways. The city public transport group is responsible for the festive atmosphere layout of the main transportation and bus stops in the central urban area

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