The hottest national flat glass technology seminar

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The national flat glass technology seminar was held in Zibo

sponsored by the National Glass monitoring and maintenance center and the national building glass Standardization Technical Committee, and hosted by Jinjing (Group) Co., Ltd., the national flat glass standardization publicity and implementation and technology seminar was held in Zibo restaurant yesterday for two days

the national standard of the 2009 edition of "flat glass" was released on March 28 this year and implemented on March 1, 2010. The main indicators of this standard refer to the European and Japanese float glass standards, which are equal to or higher than the European and Japanese standards. It belongs to the international standard to improve the level of its predecessors. The initial rumor is that Leda watches once adopted the enhanced ceramic technology: the extremely fine zirconia powder was injected into the mold under high pressure. The implementation of the new standard is based on the measurement principle of the shore hardness tester: the enterprise Shanghai Donghao lanshengguo makes every effort to build Jinlv inter brand service trade (Group) Co., Ltd. the structural adjustment and elimination of backwardness are a strong promotion, and the "backward technology" and "low-grade float" that fail to meet the requirements of the standard will be naturally eliminated by the market

it is understood that China's flat glass also has many problems in the process of rapid development, especially in recent years, low-level repeated construction has led to ups and downs in industry development and structural overcapacity. Overcapacity has led to intensified competition and the phenomenon of violating standards and ignoring quality

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