Calendering quality of the hottest packaging box

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The calendering quality of the packing box

the surface paperboard of the packing box has quality defects of wrinkles and stripes on the surface after calendering. It does not meet the requirements. If it cannot be remedied, it will be treated as waste, which will cause great economic losses

through many experiments, we have found a solution to the problem. The specific method is: polish the surface paperboard that has not been calendered after polishing again, and then heat it on the calender first. The temperature of heat drying is the same as that of calendering. When heating it on the calender, you can put the paperboard on the surface of the steel strip at the end of the discharge port without pressure after rough grinding, The surface paperboard is brought into the drying channel and returned to the feeding port of the calender by the steel belt. After such hot baking and then pressing according to the normal calendering process (that is, adding a glazing and a hot baking), the wrinkles and stripes on the face paper board disappear

incidentally, under normal circumstances, the calendering temperature is generally controlled at 115 ℃ ~ 1, including 10 product standards for plastics, rubber, coatings and other categories, 1 special product standard and 1 additive use standard GB 9685 (including the additive use requirements of various materials); The third level is the method standard of 20 ℃, the pressure should be controlled at 150 ~ 180kg/m2, and the speed should be 6 ~ 10m/min. Of course, in the field operation, it should also be reasonably adjusted and mastered according to the thickness of the cardboard. It is worth noting that for the paper flame retardant 2.0~3.0 products to be calendered, we must choose some paper, otherwise we cannot meet the calendering quality requirements of various parts of the fastening equipment

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