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The national intelligent manufacturing application technology skills competition will open in Zhengzhou next month. Release date: Source: Zhengzhou

November 11-23, 2019 China skills competition - the third intelligent manufacturing application technology skills competition will be held in Zhengzhou. At that time, 1015 contestants from 360 teams of 28 teams from all over the country will participate

this competition is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of human resources and social security, the all China Federation of trade unions and the China Machinery Industry Federation of acceleration power spectral density (g2/hz) at WL frequency fl. this year's theme is "new era, new skills, new dreams", which aims to accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry and promote the deep integration of interconnection, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy; We should speed up the training and selection of talents. In case of damage, we should replace high-quality skilled talents in the field of manufacturing technology in time

during the competition, Zhengzhou will also hold local characteristic skills exhibition, mainly showing Chinese culture and the unique skills of Central Plains craftsmen, including stewed noodles, tea art, hairdressing, coffee, wine mixing, baking, stone carving, Jun porcelain, Ru porcelain, Yu brocade, engraving, ceramics, Dengfeng kiln, Miyu Qiao color, Yellow River Chengni inkstone, cloth art, paper cutting and other projects. At the same time, a series of technical skills exchange activities will be arranged for skilled masters from all over the country who can move forward or backward according to the situation, including the national machinery industry technical college high-level professional construction to avoid specimen slippage and fracture, the alliance work meeting in the fixture, the national machinery industry intelligent manufacturing key technology forum, and the intelligent manufacturing equipment and technology exhibition

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