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National engineering rubber product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Hebei) passed the acceptance

&em5 Always keep the machines clean and tidy. This Japanese company, who did not want to be named, is mainly engaged in plastic processing and composite material production sp; Recently, under the guidance of the Quality Supervision Bureau of Hebei Province and the preparation of Hengshui City, the national engineering supervision and Inspection Center for quality and learning of rubber products (Hebei) has passed the acceptance, which is the only national engineering rubber product testing center in China

the testing capacity of the national engineering rubber product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Hebei) covers 118 parameters of 59 products such as rubber bearings, rubber hoses, conveyor belts, polysulfide sealants and geogrids. The center can meet the inspection and testing of most engineering rubber products. The test report issued by the center can be recognized by 50 countries and regions and 65 institutions, and its business scope covers 27 provinces across the country

insiders pointed out that the completion of the center will play a huge platform supporting role for Hengshui Rubber enterprises to participate in the formulation and revision of international and domestic standards, master the voice of standards, promote independent R & D and innovation of enterprises, and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. After years of development, Hengshui engineering rubber industry has occupied more than 60% of the national market share

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