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The national industrial cloth inspection center completed the 2011 Annual spot check

the national industrial cloth product quality supervision and inspection center established in Liaoning Provincial fiber inspection bureau undertook the national 2011 Annual geosynthetics supervision and spot check task in the second quarter, which has been successfully completed and reported to the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine. The supervision and spot check work area covered five provinces and cities including Hebei, Shandong, Liaoning, Beijing and Tianjin, involving 33 enterprises, and a total of 35 batches of products were spot checked. The products basically covered all kinds of geosynthetics

geosynthetics are polymer materials used in dikes, waterway regulation, highway and railway subgrade, airport runway and other projects. They are a kind of industrial cloth products. Their quality is directly related to the construction quality of these key national projects, as well as the economic development of the country and the vital interests of the broad masses of the people. The national flexible packaging manufacturers basically do not need industrial cloth. While mastering the product status of the enterprise, the center also found some problems: first, some product testing items are not up to standard; Second, the industry management is not standardized and in place; Third, national standards are not widely implemented. The national industrial cloth center has analyzed and summarized these problems one by one, and its weight can be reduced by 1/3, which provides an important basis for the AQSIQ to accurately grasp the quality status of synthetic materials for the establishment of macro-control and market conditioning mechanism in China's land and industry, understand the development trend of the industry, and then formulate corresponding industrial policies on the whole

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