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Verification equipment of industrial gas flowmeter

[Abstract] a new low flow detection device composed of Four Mercury sealed piston Standard volumetric tubes has been put into use in the Netherlands Institute of metrology. Under near ambient conditions, the operating range of the device is 2 ×~ 3.5m3/h, which can be used to calibrate a wide range of flow meters, and basically can be used for any gas. The low flow detection device can be traced back to the original length standard. The verification method is also discussed and studied in this paper. The preliminary uncertainty analysis shows that the total uncertainty of the minimum standard volume tube is about 0.20%, and that of other standard volume tubes is about 0.15%. For the verification of high-pressure gas flow meters, the detection devices of Groningen, bergum and Westerbork were examined respectively. Finally, the Reno interpolation method is discussed, and it is considered that this method can be used when the operating conditions are different from the verification conditions

I. preface

in the past three years, the verification requirements for industrial gas flow meters have greatly increased. It is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

1. The verification of high-pressure gas flowmeter with natural gas is not limited to turbine gas flowmeter, but also orifice plate, venturi and vortex baffle flowmeter

2. For the low gas flow of small flowmeter (less than 3.5 m3/h), it can ensure the best mechanical performance verification of 3D printing and additive manufacturing, such as thermal mass flowmeter, mass flow controller, variable area instrument and detector for medical and health equipment

3. Verification of gases other than air or natural gas and verification under different operating conditions (different pressures or different gases)

in view of these conditions, the Netherlands Institute of Metrology developed a new low flow detection device, and made the two existing verification devices automated. In addition, it is necessary to add high-voltage testing facilities in bergum, which has been included in the 1993 plan

Table 1 shows the legal identification of the Netherlands' industrial gas flow as the second largest R & D and manufacturer of industrial aluminum extrusion products in the world and the largest in Asia "Existing facilities for verification and testing. This table provides the characteristics of these detection devices, such as simple packaging with flow resealable, operating pressure and the type of gas used for detection. For the listed facilities, the partners of the Netherlands Metrology Institute will be responsible for legal identification and issuing verification certificates. In addition to the facilities listed in Table 1, the number of detection devices of gas distribution companies and gas flowmeter manufacturers has also increased.

II High pressure detection device

there are several high pressure flow detection devices in the Netherlands. In terms of verification facilities or traceability, the detection devices of Groningen, bergum and Westerbork are very important. Natural gas can be used as the verification medium for the verification of these three devices under operating conditions

1. Groningen's high voltage detection device

groningen's high voltage detection device is designed as a research device. Gasuni, the owner of the device, used the device to study gas flow meters, device effects, pressure reducers and other equipment. The detected device can be installed in several parts of the detection device to form the most suitable configuration. This device is rarely used for the normal verification of gas flow meters. However, it plays a very important role in the traceability of other high-voltage detection devices in the Netherlands

Table 1 test equipment used for legal identification, verification and detection of industrial gas flowmeter or cooperation

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