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Instrument calibration measurement Honghu expedited

instrument calibration measurement Honghu expedited

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Product Brand WorldCom product model st production city nationwide shipment city nationwide total supply 100000 minimum starting order 10 product unit price 88 measurement units product details

instrument calibration measurement Honghu expedited

WorldCom instrument measurement testing and calibration company is committed to instrument calibration all over the country. It is recognized by the National Accreditation Service (CNAs) that the state should assess its protection conformity, and the recognition code is cnas:l3170. Through the requirements of ISO17025 world metrology principles, it has been recognized by national and regional laboratory accreditation institutions that have signed a multilateral mutual recognition agreement with CNAs. The calibration certificates and testing statements issued by it have been recognized by the world laboratory. It has cooperated to arrange the recognition and recognition of other members of the multilateral mutual recognition agreement (ILAC MRA)

1. The effectiveness method is sensitive, arrange factory calibration, collect instruments on site, and express instruments

2 The effectiveness of off-site calibration can be arranged all over the country. From placing an order to arranging off-site calibration, door-to-door collection of instruments and express delivery of instruments will not exceed 3 working days, so as to ensure that the normal operation of customers will not be affected

3. When the instrument entrusted by the customer to our company for calibration is out of tolerance, we can do the corresponding calibration effect free of charge within our ability (without maintenance)

4. Generally, it takes 5 working days from the completion of calibration on site to the issuance of certificate (unless otherwise agreed), and 6 working days for those brought back to the company for calibration (10 working days for inspection on behalf of the company). If it is urgent, book in advance for judgment

5. The company is a one-stop enterprise that sells, calibrates, tests and trains internal calibrators

the working measuring equipment that belongs to compulsory verification should be periodically verified by the metrological verification institution (legal metrological institution) authorized by the state. For working measuring equipment that is not subject to compulsory verification, the enterprise should also register it, calibrate it by itself according to the calibration cycle or send it to the metrological verification institution authorized by the state Whether the friction ring is loose from the torque sensor for calibration. Strengthen the management of key products, key processes, high-precision machine tools and measuring equipment used in the production line, and carry out patrol calibration in workshops and production sites. Itinerant calibration can calibrate some items according to the actual needs of production, such as the zero calibration of measuring tools and the pre furnace calibration of control instruments in temperature measurement. If the measuring equipment fails within the confirmation period, it can be temporarily calibrated according to the requirements of the user. It can be stored in the barrel every year, and the safety inspection of the high-pressure steam sterilizer can be carried out by a nationally recognized institution and issued as qualified. Sampling calibration of in-service measuring equipment refers to the calibration of random samples of indication and main metrological performance of on-site or measuring equipment. The number of samples sampled should be sufficient to represent the acceptability of indication and main metrological performance of all on-site or measuring equipment

- effectiveness process:

1 The list of instruments (including instrument title, type specification, measuring range and specific quantity) required for calibration supplied by the entrusting party (customer) can be sent to our business specialist by email, fax, etc

2. Our sales specialist will provide reasonable written quotation in time

3. After receiving the quotation, the entrusting party (customer) should acknowledge it in time and send it back with signature and seal (scan or fax)

4. After receiving the quotation reply, the calibration time will be arranged in time (determined through negotiation between the two sides)

or assign a value to the mark on any ruler; 2. Calibration can also be used to determine other metrological characteristics; 3. The calibration results can be recorded on the document sometimes called calibration or calibration report; 4 sometimes the approved results are expressed as correction values, calibration factors or calibration curves. "Provide evidence through verification to confirm compliance with the specified requirements (iso84o2/dadi-3.37, notes added according to the purpose of this guide) 。 1. In order to connect with the management of instrument measurement, the purpose of verification is to verify the deviation between the indicated value of the measuring instrument and the corresponding known quantity value, so that it is always less than the * * * allowable error specified in the standards, regulations or specifications related to the management of measuring instruments. 2. Make decisions on the continued use, investigation, repair, degraded use or sound waste of the measuring instruments according to the verification results. Under any idle condition, when the verification is completed, the verification shall be recorded on the special record of the measuring instrument. "The procedure to find out and confirm whether the measuring instruments meet the legal requirements.

instrument calibration and measurement Honghu urgent approval to use the signs uniformly prescribed by the state, and the relevant competent departments can approve the production. For enterprises and that carry out commercial repair of measuring instruments, they should apply for the license for repairing measuring instruments and submit it to the local county (city) Level measurement department applies for assessment. For those that cannot be assessed locally, the measurement department shall apply for assessment. The company implements ISO9001, iatf16949:2016 and other quality management systems. If the company has passed the examination and obtained the license for repairing measuring instruments, it will be approved to operate with the uniformly prescribed signs. Individual industrial and commercial households that manufacture and repair measuring instruments must engage in business in fixed places. Or the license for repairing measuring instruments shall be handled in accordance with the procedures specified in Article 15 of these rules. Those who operate in other places can apply for a business license after being verified and approved by the local measurement department. (1) Production facilities; (2) Ex factory verification conditions; (3) Technical status of personnel; (4) Relevant technical documents and measurement rules and regulations. All new products of measuring instruments that have never been produced in the whole country must undergo type approval. After the type identification is qualified

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