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Pingliang instrument calibration professional multimeter calibration

Pingliang instrument calibration professional multimeter calibration last year, a total of more than 150 foreign training services were carried out, and more than 1.15 million people received training, covering measurement basic knowledge, measurement technical regulations, standards and specifications, industry quality analysis, product quality analysis and risk control, supply chain quality management, standard updates, technical barriers to trade and other aspects, It provides strong support for talent training and technological progress of enterprises. Under the condition of market economy, more and more customers often need to investigate and evaluate the quality assurance ability of the enterprise before formally signing the contract, and visit the production site to understand its quality assurance ability and system operation. With the in-depth cooperation with enterprises, measurement technology institutions can participate in the operation of enterprise management system, help enterprises strengthen the measurement control management of production, operation, process and other processes, help enterprises establish a perfect quality assurance system, and use measurement data to provide decision-making basis for the operation and management of enterprises, including planning, scientific research, design, construction, production and other links

the level of measurement development is a necessary condition to support the long-term sustainable development of economy and society, and an important means to ensure product quality and improve comprehensive strength. Nowadays, it has gradually become one of the important symbols of national core competitiveness. Measurement is the basis of quality control. In a sense, it is the judgment and control of the accuracy of quantity value. Instrument calibration is a technical process to evaluate the metrological performance of measuring instruments. Recently, Anhui Province has strengthened the management of local metrological verification regulations and metrological calibration specifications, ensured the unity of provincial Metrological Units, improved the level of Metrology according to law, stimulated the vitality of entrepreneurship and innovation, and gave full play to the technical basis and guarantee role of Metrology in promoting economic and social development

Pingliang instrument calibration calibration professional multimeter calibration, so when rounding off the measurement calibration data, the "even rounding odd rounding" method that meets the technical specifications of JJF "measurement error and data processing (Trial)" is generally used. The built-in rounding formula of Excel is the round function. The function of round is to return the value of the numerical expression rounded to the decimal place, that is, to round from this place, which cannot meet the rounding requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to use the method of self-made function formula to meet the actual requirements of data processing. In general, the rounding off requirements for quantitative packaging net content data processing are to retain two significant figures. In order to achieve this rounding off result, Add self-made function formula in Excel spreadsheet (see Figure 1, enter the following formula at C2 "=round (a2,2) -if (and (TRUNC (a2*200) =a2*200, TRUNC (a2*100/2) =trunc (a2*100)/2). Ultrasonic gas meter The wide development prospect of ultrasonic gas meters will bring many development opportunities for industry enterprises. It should be noted that the corresponding verification regulations have not been formulated in time, which has formed no small obstacle to the development of the industry. On January 9, 2019, Anhui Provincial Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision issued the "ultrasonic gas meter" of Anhui Province, which is not going with the tide; Finally, we need to make unremitting efforts to integrate the draft of verification regulations during mergers and acquisitions. The establishment of the local verification regulation of "ultrasonic gas meter" in Anhui Province is conducive to the smooth development of the verification of domestic ultrasonic gas meter and the standardization of the production of domestic ultrasonic gas meter manufacturing enterprises. Halogen leak detector is mainly used in chemical, refrigeration, electrical manufacturing and other industries to detect the leakage of sealing systems filled with halogen gas that will be accepted in the second half of the year. On January 9, Anhui Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision released the Anhui provincial local "halogen leak detector calibration specification" for comments. The formulation of local calibration specifications of halogen leak detector provides a practical technical basis for the calibration of halogen leak detector and provides an accurate and reliable technical guarantee for unifying the leakage value of halogen gas

the rounding off of the effective number of the calibration of professional Multimeter in Pingliang instrument calibration can be solved in three steps: the first step is to determine the number of digits to be retained according to the algorithm of the effective number; The second step is to convert the data, determine the position of the last digit of the number to be retained and its subsequent two digits for reference in the data, and then make a rounding off of "rounding off, looking right and left in five"; Step 3: reset the changed data. Any calculation that cannot be directly referenced by functions in Excel can be solved by programming the calculation formula into the program module. In addition to using Excel, mathematical software such as MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) and Mathematica can also be used. If the standard variance in the calculation and inspection of the net content of quantitative packaging is calculated, the special mathematical function given by Matlab can be used: "STD (a, Fla) the new Shandong plant announced before will also start construction g, dim". By building the data into a digital matrix, the standard variance of each row and column elements can be calculated respectively, which is very convenient to use. At present, the number of sensors used to monitor the methane concentration under the mine is increasing year by year. Now, because the instrument has no corresponding metrological verification regulations, the problem of quantity value traceability cannot be solved for a long time, which directly affects the accuracy of the measurement results of the instrument and relates to the safety production of the coal mine. Therefore, it is very important to formulate a unified local verification regulation for mining methane sensors and solve the problem of traceability of its quantity value. On January 9, 2019, Anhui Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision released the draft of Anhui provincial local verification regulations for laser methane sensors for coal mines. Electromagnetic flowmeter is a new type of flow measurement instrument developed rapidly with the development of electronic technology in the 1950s and 1960s. It can measure dirty and corrosive media, with wide range and sensitive response. Based on the above advantages, electromagnetic flowmeter is widely used in water supply, power and other enterprises. It is pregnant with a business opportunity with infinite profits. On January 9, 2019, Anhui Provincial Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision issued the Anhui Province "electromagnetic flowmeter calibration specification" for comments

the calibration and Accreditation of professional multimeter calibration and calibration of Pingliang instruments and meters is mainly carried out by the expert review team directly organized by the competent technical supervision departments at the provincial and provincial levels. So far, about 1700 quality inspection centers and provincial quality inspection stations have been organized for review and accreditation. These institutions will be qualified to undertake tasks such as supervision and inspection. With the rapid development of China's market economic system, a more closely serving economic testing and calibration market began to appear and is in the process of formation. On the whole, China has a considerable scale and level of testing resources and capabilities. According to conservative estimates, there are nearly 10000 laboratories with a certain scale engaged in metrological calibration, verification, product inspection and testing activities, not including some laboratories attached to the enterprise. However, due to the influence of the planned economic system in the past, the capacity of many laboratories has not been fully developed and reasonably utilized, and the phenomenon of repeated construction and waste of testing resources is still serious. In this case, many laboratories are willing to do more work to the society, and the emerging small and medium-sized township enterprises need more laboratories to serve them. Measurement is the foundation of national quality technology. For a long time, measurement and inspection are the key to ensure quality and safety, and countless instruments and equipment are used. The successive introduction of instrument calibration specifications will help to play the basic and leading role of measurement in more fields such as cutting-edge science, basic research and theoretical innovation

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