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Hefei "China's call center city" is expected to reach 5000 seats by the end of the year

it was learned from the high tech Zone yesterday that since the official launch of Hefei "China's call center city" project, more than 20 companies, including qingniu (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Bird Software Co., Ltd., have negotiated to settle in, and it is expected that more than 5000 seats will be introduced by the end of this year

it is reported that there are 140000 call centers, 1.55 million seats and 7million employees in the United States, accounting for 3% of the total labor force. In China, call centers are developing rapidly, with an estimated 2million seats nationwide, and are expected to exceed 10million in five years. The head of Hefei Sanyuan Lianchuang investment management company in charge of the project told that although the call center is an emerging industry, the huge profits it has created cannot be underestimated. Compared with traditional industries, the output value created by the call center through virtual transactions is 6 to 20 times higher after the bucktooth specimen reaches the set value. "A purified water delivery company with 300 seats, which communicates through the serial port (COM number) behind the computer, can deliver up to 90000 barrels of water every day." According to the person in charge, nowadays, more and more enterprises choose to use call centers for industrial upgrading, and the traditional "price competition" is gradually moving towards "service competition". Call centers have gradually "penetrated" into all walks of life and began to lead a revolution in traditional industries

on July 9, more than 20 leading domestic call center enterprises gathered in Hefei to jointly sign the "Hefei declaration, the capital of China's call centers", marking the official launch of the project. When the sensor calibration, data acquisition system is needed to calibrate sensors, so the data acquisition and processing as a child module is called sensor calibration block According to the plan, manhe service outsourcing base will build a domestic super first-class call center industrial base with more than 100000 seats within five years, attracting 300000 local people for employment. It is revealed that by the end of this year, the first batch of enterprises with about 5000 seats will be introduced as a demonstration and sample of the call center. When the specimen is under pressure, the plate works. At the same time, a number of enterprises such as SF express and Jiajia shopping company are currently under negotiation. By the end of 2012, it is expected to introduce another 30 to 50 enterprises to invest 20000 seats in operation, attracting no less than 90000 jobs and achieving an output value of nearly 6billion yuan. At that time, the preparatory work for the listing of the first batch of enterprises in the call center will also start. Hefei

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