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Heidelberg, a German printing machine manufacturing giant, will restructure its structure. Heidelberg recently said that it will cut 850 jobs worldwide to achieve a balance of revenue and expenditure in the next fiscal year with modified asphalt poly (ethylene tire) waterproof membrane gb18967 (2) 003

the German printing press manufacturing giant said that they have streamlined the organizational structure since this year and improved the operation efficiency of functional departments in recent years, but they still need to cut 450 management and sales positions and 400 employees of wiesloch/walldorf equipment manufacturing plant

Heidelberg said that this layoff could not only save the company 60million euros in the 2010/11 fiscal year, but also save another 20million euros in the 2011/12 fiscal year

according to the restructuring plan announced in 2009, Heidelberg company will be divided into Heidelberg equipment, Heidelberg services and Heidelberg financial services. The company believes that although the printing industry has shown some signs of recovery in recent months, the equipment expenditure of enterprises will not increase significantly in 2010

Ben hartesherr, CEO of Heidelberg, said: the order situation in the print media industry has been relatively stable recently, while the demand in emerging markets such as China and Brazil is still relatively strong. However, on the whole, the investment in the printing industry will not increase significantly in 10 years, accounting for 11 of the 20 enterprises

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