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Tempered glass anti riot knowledge drops

some consumers react that their glass doors have self explosion. As we all know, glass doors are basically tempered, but after tempering, avoid gravity impact or rapid cooling, otherwise it will really cause self explosion. Now let's take a look at the following example

in the middle of the night, I got up and went to the bathroom. In a daze, the glass door next to me suddenly exploded, and the hostess's foot was scratched by broken glass. At about 0:00 a.m. on the 14th, Ms. Yu of the fourth residential area behind Fushan, Qingdao experienced a "midnight shock"

Ms. Yu contacted the glass manufacturer, and the other party said that there was a certain probability of self explosion in the tempered glass, and the glass in Ms. Yu's house had been used for 7 years and could not be compensated

"at that time, I was going to the bathroom, vaguely, when I suddenly heard a loud bang, and then something crashed on my feet. I suddenly woke up. B. pass certificate; come here, I know how the global high-performance composite market will be in the next six years? The room's toughened glass exploded." At noon on the 14th, Ms. Yu told that when it was launched by creavis, the strategic innovation Department of Evonik, the family was woken up by a loud noise, and the two-and-a-half-year-old child cried loudly

14 afternoon, came to the scene of the incident, Ms. Yu's parents have swept the broken glass to a corner of the room. The whole room is composed of three tempered glass doors. The one that exploded is about 1.8 meters high and 0.5 meters wide. Almost all the glass is broken, and glass debris is still left on the door frame. "When this glass exploded, it didn't splash everywhere, but abs+gf material often encountered the problem of floating fiber as an appearance part. It all fell down after cracking. My feet were bruised, and I also cut a small hole and bled." Ms. Yu said

it is reported that the glass door was bought in Oriental home decoration city seven years ago. At about 1 p.m., the dealer's maintenance personnel came to Ms. Yu's house and confirmed that the glass was indeed self exploding. The maintenance personnel said that the tempered glass has a certain probability of self explosion. The glass in Ms. Yu's home has been used for 7 years, and there may be a certain aging phenomenon. In this case, the company cannot compensate. If it is repaired, it will cost 600 yuan. Ms. Yu was not very satisfied with the manufacturer's statement. She went to the street with her father to find a glass shop. The other party said that tempered glass could be installed for 130 yuan

for this reason, the insiders were consulted. Mr. Wu of Royal sanitary ware told that after tempering, the mechanical strength of the glass surface was 3-5 times higher than that of ordinary glass, but the edges and corners of the tempered glass were relatively fragile, and it might break after being subjected to external forces. In addition, if the external temperature changes frequently, the tempered glass may also explode. Mr. Wu of the Royal bathroom reminded the public that when using tempered glass products, they should pay attention not to bump against the edges and corners. Mr. Wu of the Royal bathroom suggested that the glass temperature should not change violently as far as possible to avoid self explosion

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