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Hefei: accelerate the building of a manufacturing highland

despite the impact of the epidemic, the economic performance of Hefei, Anhui Province, has remained bright this year, in which the industry has shown a significant recovery and a good trend: the added value of Industrial Enterprises above designated size has maintained a double-digit growth for three consecutive months, and the added value of strategic emerging industries has bucked the trend, becoming the "main engine" of advanced manufacturing growth. Focusing on emerging industries, future industries and traditional industries, and expanding and strengthening advantageous industries, Hefei is moving towards national important and advanced. How to solve the bottleneck of market utilization of new materials? Chang Guowu put forward the goal of manufacturing highland

the rapid development of "online economy" has brought opportunities for the product structure adjustment of Hefei BOE. Li Bin, general manager of BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. in Hefei, said: "after the epidemic, the shipments of tablet computers, notebook computers and desktop monitors have increased significantly."

the production line of Lianbao (Hefei) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is also a busy scene. Benefiting from the new opportunity of "online economy", as Lenovo's largest PC R & D and manufacturing base in the world, the company has become the first industrial enterprise in Hefei with a monthly output value of more than 10 billion yuan

the brilliant achievements of BOE and Lianbao technology reflect the toughness of Hefei's industrial development. Data show that in the first half of the year, the added value of strategic emerging industries in Hefei accounted for 49.1% of the city's industry. Among them, the output value of the new generation information technology industry increased by 22.5%

Zhu Shengli, director of Hefei development and Reform Commission, introduced that Hefei takes promoting the construction of strategic emerging industrial clusters such as new display devices, integrated circuits and artificial intelligence as the number one project, and takes the city's efforts to build "industrial landmarks"

deploy the innovation chain around the industrial chain, and layout the industrial chain around the innovation chain

since June, the current industrial and commercial law enforcement inspection has implemented double random spot checks. Focusing on the "chain extension, chain supplement and chain strengthening" of the industrial chain, Hefei has officially launched the "chain length system" of the key industry headed by the municipal leaders as one of the most direct downstream industries of the petrochemical industry. Focus on 12 key industrial chains such as integrated circuit, new display and artificial intelligence, establish an overall scheduling mechanism at the municipal level, work together to solve the difficulties encountered by enterprises, and improve the stability and competitiveness of the industrial chain supply chain

"the implementation of the 'chain length system' can effectively help enterprises solve some difficulties in production and operation." Li Bin said that this will help enterprises adhere to independent innovation, strengthen research on cutting-edge technologies, and drive technological innovation and collaborative development of upstream and downstream supply chain enterprises

Hefei has recently issued a "three-year action" plan to promote the construction of new infrastructure, making it clear that it will build an internationally leading innovation infrastructure cluster, build a domestic advanced information infrastructure network, and establish a first-class integrated infrastructure system in the Yangtze River Delta

"we have identified a number of 'new infrastructure' key projects among the key projects implemented in the city, and preliminarily established a municipal 'new infrastructure' key project library." Zhu Shengli revealed that there are 214 projects in the Treasury at present, with a total investment of 140.1 billion yuan

5032 5g base stations were accelerated, and the layout of new infrastructure leading enterprises such as Huayun data center, Chinatelecom Anhui big data Industrial Park and Hefei Advanced Computing Center was accelerated... In the first half of the year, the investment in new infrastructure projects in Hefei increased by 43.1% year-on-year

"new infrastructure is a new opportunity." Fu Weizhong, director of the Development Strategy Research Institute of Hefei University of technology, said that Hefei itself has the foundation for the development of smart cities. Now the active layout in the field of "new infrastructure" will bring new advantages of how to use more materials in a more reasonable, safe and efficient manner for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry

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