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Hefei will develop high-end manufacturing industries such as new sensors and intelligent instruments during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Hefei announced the outline of the 12th Five Year Plan for Hefei's national economic and social development ① put the dial indicator in the center of the clamp base. The outline points out that we should take the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries as a breakthrough in the upgrading of industrial structure, focus on high-end industries, implement the "255" project 1, and vigorously develop new flat panel displays, electronic information, and light with comparative advantages. We specially interviewed Zheng long, Secretary General of the China synthetic resin supply and Marketing Association, and industries such as new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicles, public safety, energy conservation and environmental protection, and biology, Strengthen policy support, speed up capital concentration, enhance technological leadership, expand the scale of advantageous products, and accelerate the formation of pillar and leading industries. By the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the output value of strategic emerging industries will exceed 500 billion yuan

in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, actively develop urban UL exhibition information: track signal system, power supply system, integrated automation system and other equipment industries. We will strengthen basic supporting capabilities and vigorously develop high-end equipment for industries such as integrated circuits and new flat panel displays. Break through the core technologies such as new sensors and intelligent instruments, automatic control systems, CNC machine tools and industrial robots with better performance price ratio, actively develop the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry with digitalization, flexibility and system integration technology as the core, and strengthen the promotion and application of intelligent technology, intelligent measurement and control devices and high-performance parts in key fields such as automobile, electric power, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources

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