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Ronglian promotes the innovation of verification code, a low-cost and high transformation black technology of enterprises

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the extensive business model represented by buying is the most true portrayal of China Internet in the first half! But with the gradual increase of demographic dividend, flow dividend and capital dividend. 1. Silicon PU waterproof primer: 0% per square meter 25kg weakened, resulting in higher cost of channel customer acquisition; The higher cost of channel customer acquisition will inevitably be transferred to downstream apps, resulting in the higher operating costs of apps being transferred to VC, followed by a cold winter of capital, with corpses everywhere and a howl

in the second half of the Internet, what should enterprises do to achieve lower cost, higher efficiency, higher transformation and higher retained growth. But the most difficult point for most Internet companies is: why is the final conversion rate and order volume so low when the customer acquisition cost is so high

how can we improve user transformation and operation efficiency through technical means? You will find that most of the Internet products have low registration conversion and jump out. For example, those with large rubber and plastic elongation have a high rate of large deformation test stands, and the depth and average length of visits are very low

take the registration transformation funnel as an example, let's analyze how many people have opened the verification page; How many people have logged in and how many people have completed the whole registration. During this period, there will be a loss of users at every step. After the funnel is completed, we can visually see the loss rate of each link

funnel analysis

the registration process of an enterprise adopts the email method, and the registration conversion rate has been very low, only 27%; Through funnel analysis, it is found that the main loss is in the link of [submit verification code]

after understanding, it is found that email verification is very easy to fail to receive email from the registered mailbox. The reasons include that email agents are blocked, emails containing sensitive words are classified as spam mailboxes, and email delivery time is too long. Since so many uncontrollable factors affect the registration conversion rate, then change a verification method. After SMS verification, the overall conversion rate increased to 43%, which is a very large increase

but is that ok

don't look at the overall conversion rate, but also pay attention to the conversion rate at each step of the conversion process

user scrutiny

as mentioned above, user behavior data is also a kind of data. Observing the behavior path of users in your product is a very intuitive analysis method. On the basis of user clustering, users are generally selected for detailed inspection, which can cover most of the behavior rules of grouped users

let's take the registration process of a product as an example:

users have gone through the following operation process: [interviewer] - [click registration] - [enter number] - [get verification code]. It was originally a very smooth link, but it was found that a user clicked [get verification code] for three consecutive times and then gave up submitting. This is strange. Why do users click the verification code many times

at this time, we will experience the product in person. After going through the registration process, we will find that after clicking [obtain verification code], we often fail to receive the verification code; Then you will continue to click [get verification code], so the above situation appears

most products have some anti-human designs or bugs more or less. Users can find the problems in the products and solve them in time through careful inspection

from the funnel analysis, users can see that it also has high conductivity. The way to register and collect verification codes and the arrival rate of verification codes seem to be very small, but many enterprises are forced out because they don't pay attention to it. There are three consequences of ignoring the verification code:

consequence 1: the conversion rate of user registration is low, and the cost of getting customers is burned out

consequence 2: being registered with a false account by competing products, and the data is distorted

well, now allow me to insert an advertisement:

the SMS interface of capacitive cloud communication is simple and easy to use, 5 seconds must be reached, fast access, three in one, fast delivery, no blocking, no delay, Ensure user experience and conversion rate

in addition, the voice verification code of Ronglian can supplement and avoid the untimely and unsafe problems of short messages caused by various reasons. The voice verification code is a way of calling the user directly and broadcasting by voice. Its inherent advantage is that it has a high arrival rate, is not affected by the short message channel, and will not be intercepted by software. When used in combination with the short message verification code, it can achieve 100% arrival rate and greatly reduce the cost of customers

at present, 80% of Internet enterprises have adopted the solution of voice + SMS verification code, so that enterprises can effectively get rid of the adverse consequences caused by small verification code, and let your lean operation win at the starting line

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