Heidemann's domestic machine tool growth strategy

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Heidman's domestic machine tool growth strategy: specializing in the core high-end, the profit doubled

machine tools are known as the "industrial machine" of manufacturing industry. They are machines for manufacturing machines. Their performance represents the real level of a country's manufacturing industry, and their applications have penetrated into all aspects of manufacturing industry, such as aviation, aerospace, automotive, engineering machinery, rail transit and other industries

Zhejiang heideman Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "heideman"), which specializes in the R & D and production of numerical control machine tools, submitted an application for listing on the science and Innovation Board on December 26, 2019, giving the public an opportunity to understand the strength of the winning enterprises in China's machine tool industry: from 2016 to 2018, heideman's revenue increased from 205 million yuan to 427 million yuan, and its net profit increased from 9.64 million yuan to 57.66 million yuan, with significant growth

Why did heidman in the manufacturing industry achieve such rapid growth? And how much of this growth comes from technological progress

invisible champion of specialized machine tools

located in heideman, Yuhuan City, Zhejiang Province, its business scale is not noticeable. As of June 30, 2019, its net assets were only about 300 million. Although there are more than 50 listed companies in Taizhou and 6 listed companies in Yuhuan, heideman can still stand out by virtue of its industry status and technical strength

in 2016, heideman led the drafting of the "made in Zhejiang" standard for precision CNC lathes and turning centers (t/zzb). This standard is higher than the current national standard "inspection conditions for CNC lathes and turning centers" (gb/t16462). Therefore, Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision evaluated that the technical performance indicators such as noise and accuracy of CNC lathes in this standard are far better than national and industrial standards. At that time, it was the 13th year of heidman's establishment, and its revenue was only 200 million

what is particularly striking is that Heidemann not only formulated relevant parameter standards for the machine tool industry, but also adhered to this standard in production. It is understood that compared with national standards, all indicators adopted by heideman have been improved by at least 50%

due to the limited resources and small size of heideman, the company adopts the business strategy of "special", "special" and "fine" to create a new place for people to relax, and specializes in high-end machine tools. From 2016 to June 2019, the proportion of sales of heideman's high-end CNC lathes increased from 36.79% to 49.31%, and the contribution of core technology in the main business products or services increased from 41.46% to 75.11% respectively. The strategy of focusing on a little bit has achieved results

since 2016, heideman has undertaken automobile related projects in the key areas of equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province, and has successfully passed the acceptance; In 2018, the "provincial enterprise research institute" was established; In 2019, the "provincial enterprise technology center", "Taizhou post doctoral innovation practice base" and "high end machine tool and Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Center" were successively established. Heideman, with a small volume, undertakes the important task of local technology upgrading and science and technology projects

the reason why heideman can undertake such an important research task is that the production mode of "unitization" and "modularization" is indispensable: that is, the general assembly of the machine tool is divided into various functional parts according to the function, and separate inspection standards and specifications are formulated for each functional part, thus realizing the manufacturing accuracy far beyond that of the same industry

through years of exploration and innovation, Heidemann has mastered core technologies such as high-rigidity and high-precision spindle technology, electric spindle technology, servo turret technology and servo tailstock technology. It is one of the few enterprises in China that can realize the autonomy of core functional parts such as high-end CNC lathe spindle, turret 3.2 experimental speed (no-load), tailstock, etc. At the same time, heideman also broke the monopoly of international machine tool giants on some high-end CNC machine tools in China and realized some "import substitution". Even in some performance, its products are superior to those of top companies at home and abroad

this time, heideman expects to raise about 320million yuan, of which about 260million yuan will be used to complete the capacity expansion construction project of high-end CNC machine tools, about 32million yuan will be used to complete the construction project of high-end CNC machine tool R & D center, and the remaining amount will be used to repay bank loans and make up liquidity

expand the basic plate horizontally and aim at import substitution

in recent years, China's metal processing machine tool industry has made great progress. According to the data of China Machine Tool Industry Association, the consumption of metal processing machine tools in China in 2018 was US $29.13 billion, accounting for about half of the global market. However, the structural contradiction between domestic machine tool consumption and production is still obvious

with the development of national economy and the upgrading of industrial structure, the application of high-end CNC machine tools is gradually popularized, and the demand for products is increasing; However, the products of China's CNC machine tool industry are still dominated by medium and low-end products, and the import dependence of high-end CNC machine tools is obvious. In addition, with the continuous friction of trade war, western developed countries have banned and restricted the sale of high-precision machine tools in China, and high-end CNC machine tools will face a major gap

therefore, if we want to break the foreign monopoly, we must realize the import substitution of domestic machine tools

it is reported that the target frequency is 32kHz, which meets the requirements of CLK clock. Before that, the technology and production capacity of China's CNC machine tool industry developed rapidly, and it has the foundation to respond to the transformation of the national manufacturing industry. Taking heideman as an example, relying on the self height production standard, its products have a certain possibility of import substitution

at the same time, in terms of downstream customers, heideman covers many industries, such as automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, general equipment, aerospace, mold and electronic equipment, including Wanxiang Qianchao, double ring transmission, Anzhong, Yonghe intelligent and other enterprises. The prospectus shows that the sales of Heidemann's largest customers account for no more than 5%, and the sales of the top five customers account for no more than 20%

therefore, although the slowdown in global economic growth in the first half of 2019 led to a year-on-year decline in its revenue in the first half of 2019, due to the existence of downstream customers in multiple industries, heidman can still avoid the cyclical trough of a single industry, which will have a huge impact on its performance

in the future, the domestic demand for localization of high-end machine tools will be further released

2019 is considered to be the first year of 5g business in China. On June 6, 2019, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued 5g business licenses to China Mobile, China Unicom, Chinatelecom and China Radio and television. With the massive construction of 5g base stations and the continuous enrichment of 5g packages for communication operators, China's communication market is expected to usher in the peak of machine replacement in 2020; At the same time, Apple's wireless headphones are selling well, and wearable electronic device manufacturers have felt the breath of spring

whether it is high-end communication equipment or new consumer electronic products, the requirements for product manufacturing precision are rising, and the market demand for high-end machine tools will expand

the scale effect of China's huge market demand is reshaping the entire upstream supply chain and eventually transmitted to the industrial machine tool market. Taking the development history of Japan's machine tool industry as an example, the huge downstream demand caused by many wars and the clear and firm policy support of the government are the direct reasons for the rapid improvement of its manufacturing level. Heidman's strategy of overcoming difficulties and focusing on high-end products conforms to the needs of China's next industrial revolution, and goes deep into cutting-edge industries. After fund-raising and expansion, it is expected to achieve higher growth rate

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