It will take time for the hottest digital media to

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It will take time for digital media to shake the supremacy of the printing industry.

according to a magazine circulation statistics released by the audit bureau of circulations (ABC), the number of subscribers to all male lifestyle magazines decreased by 30% last year, which shocked publishers and printing houses, Because the overall situation of magazine publishing does not seem to be as bleak as people think

publishers will find a balance between cost and quality

the increasing cost of magazine distribution is a major reason for publishers to reconsider their distribution methods. Louiswilliams, the evaluation and cost manager of penord Publishing Co., Ltd., a sheet fed magazine printing plant, said that many publishers who pay attention to the regular inspection and maintenance of experimental machines have reduced the printing quantity and page numbers of magazines to reduce the growing distribution and paper costs

however, Peter Somerville, marketing director of Denm Prudential AUR, believes that the distribution cost can be reduced by reducing the weight of paper, rather than cutting the page number of magazines

according to Somerville's prediction, the use of light paper will help publishers reduce distribution costs in a short period of time, and after this period of time, publishers will find a balance between cost and quality, so as to print short edition books on paper with higher quality

under the current market environment, the market demand for paper will decline. According to the survey of danmo company, most respondents believe that the printing quantity and page number of magazines will decline by 30% and 10% respectively in the next few years

although cost control is a key factor, the rise of digital media also plays a certain role in the decline of paper demand. Williams believes that some customers will choose digital media in order to save costs. Of course, printing still has its own place in the market, but it wants to cede part of its market share to digital media

timholmes, director of the magazine course of Cardiff University College in the UK, believes that from a certain point of view, the future of the printing industry is very bright. He said: high-end magazines can improve customers' reading experience by charging high fees; Some gossip magazines or jigsaw puzzles are mainly printed by workers who will carry out green and harmless pretreatment on vehicles in order to kill people's boring time. Readers can read them and throw them away; Some independent magazines made by people who like traditional printing design incorporate many interesting ideas

it will take time for digital media to shake the supremacy of the printing industry

since June 2011, the number of digital magazines has quadrupled, from 16 to 72. Among them, men's life magazines have been converted to electronic version at the fastest speed. Men's health magazine alone has attracted about 7779 readers

franklein, the production director of the British power group, said: e-magazines are very good, but they are only suitable for certain types of general enterprise magazines. Although it can bring more content to readers, some publications do not need to turn to electronic media, such as women's magazines

Holmes believes that digital media will coexist with printing for a long time, but he adds that when things change, everything will change rapidly, just like CD replacing vinyl disc

in general, digital media still has a long way to go to shake the dominant position of the printing industry. Although publishers have not charged for e-magazines, they can be used as a publicity tool because they can create more value for the brand

a Deloitte study shows that 5%~7% of offline advertising is shifting to publications. This shows that digital products have not yet brought significant economic benefits to publishers

the statistical data released by the US Bureau of press circulation verification has a great impact on the printing industry. Although the development prospect of the industry is not optimistic, the magazine industry will maintain an organic growth in the future. As digital publications gradually enter the traditional market, they will maintain a good complementary relationship with printed magazines. In order to remain invincible in the changing market environment, printing enterprises must create value for publishers through various platforms, such as networking and printing

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