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It took only 40 hours to compile and publish the three medical books on earthquake relief. After the Wenchuan earthquake, the people's Military Medical Publishing House of the General Logistics Department responded quickly and made urgent arrangements for the relevant publishing work. In view of the urgent need for guidance in the earthquake area, such as trauma treatment, health and epidemic prevention and psychological counseling, three medical books were published continuously in more than 40 hours, setting a new industry record. At present, newly published books have been successively sent to the disaster areas

On May 13, according to the deployment of the General Administration of publishing, the people's Military Medical Publishing House listed the two monographs modern traumatic orthopaedics and practical trauma treatment published by the publishing house as the first batch of selected books to be sent to the disaster area as the main guidance for the treatment technology of medical institutions in the earthquake area

On the 14th, according to the requirements of the first batch of medical teams of the General Hospital of the people's Liberation Army, the society rushed out 300 volumes of "rules for the treatment of spinal cord and limb nerve injuries", which were brought to the disaster area by the medical team of the general hospital on the same day

in order to better implement the first aid after the earthquake, the experts of the PLA general hospital worked overtime for dozens of hours to complete the manuscript. When the manuscript with the painstaking efforts of the experts arrived at 4 a.m. on the 17th, more than 20 editors and proofreaders who had already been waiting in the community for the people's military medical publishing house immediately began intensive flow work. Through overnight processing, swing, hanging, impact and swing were all electrical control, proofreading, typesetting and drawing, The main editing and proofreading work was completed at 20:00 on the 17th, and it can be transported to the disaster area on the evening of the 18th

a set of three posters of the five key points for epidemic prevention after the earthquake, prepared in the form of doggerel for the people in the earthquake area, has been completed. Its content is scientific, practical, concise, vivid and vivid. The paintings and texts are both rich, easy to understand, remember and operate. It takes less than 30 hours from conception to drafting and drawing. In order to quickly transmit this unique set of posters to the disaster areas, under the direct care and coordination of the leadership and organs of the General Administration of publication, this set of posters was arranged to be printed in Sichuan Province, and can be distributed in the disaster areas immediately after completion. This set of posters will play an important role in the first time in coordinating the transformation of the focus of earthquake relief work from first aid to epidemic prevention

at the same time, the "manual on epidemic prevention in earthquake stricken areas" organized and published focuses on the key problems in the five aspects of food hygiene, drinking water hygiene, environmental hygiene, personal hygiene and mental health, which are closely related to the post disaster epidemic situation and people's health. In the form of clear entries and pictures, it sends concise and practical disease prevention methods to the people in disaster stricken areas, which is helpful for guiding the work of epidemic prevention and disease prevention after the earthquake, It will play a key role in improving the epidemic prevention level in the earthquake area and achieving the goal of no major epidemic impactor operation steps after a major disaster

after several days and nights of intense work, the staff of the military medical society not only created an industry record of publishing three books in more than 40 hours with a masterpiece of disease prevention and treatment that they have dedicated to the military and the people in the earthquake area, but also fulfilled their commitment to caring for the disaster area, serving the front line, making selfless contributions and adding luster to the military flag. In addition, there is no need to take action to increase the recovery of 20% and reduce the recovery of 18% based on their actual situation, It has composed another new song of triumph for contemporary publishers to listen to the party's command, serve the people and be brave and good at fighting

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