It's so convenient that baomeng unlocks the new sk

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It's so convenient! Baomeng unlocks the new skills of official and micro customer service for you

call baomeng! Call baomeng

mail? Too slow

? Some problems can't be explained clearly by language alone

don't be crazy

from today on, you can have a direct dialogue with the customer service technical experts of baomeng in baomeng official microenterprise

if you have any product and technology related questions, you can ask them

what? What are the benefits of baomeng's customer service

that's not to say

first, the communication is more timely. The baomeng customer service will reply to all conversations as soon as possible. If you have any questions, you can ask the baomeng official account at the first time, which saves time and effort

second, it is more convenient to use. It can be used as long as you have an account, which makes communication convenient and fast anytime, anywhere

third, there are more kinds of communication. You can not only communicate with the customer service personnel of baomeng in the official account to test the tensile properties of the medium and thick steel plate, but also communicate in various forms such as sending pictures, voice, documents, etc. to make the communication more unimpeded

quickly scan the QR code below to get this super convenient manual customer service function of official and micro enterprises

baomeng's customer service experts have rich experience and are open to all kinds of questions

3. Principle and structure of the new power line zigzag experimental machine

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