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Indonesia's paper pulp industry will recover for at least three years.

Mansour, chairman of Indonesia paper pulp Association, said recently that Indonesia's paper pulp industry is still in a downturn and it will take at least three years before it is expected to resume growth

Mansour said in an interview with Xinhua that before the Asian financial crisis in 1997, Indonesia's paper pulp industry developed rapidly. The financial crisis has had a great impact on this industry. Since then, the paper pulp industry in Indonesia has been in a sluggish situation. At the same time, due to the unstable political and security situation in Indonesia and the imperfect legal system, most domestic and foreign investors take a wait-and-see attitude

he predicted that at least before the 2004 general election, the current situation of Indonesia's paper pulp industry would not change much. If the situation in the whole country remains unstable after the 2004 general election, the current adversity may continue

he said that there are 74 paper mills and 7 pulp mills in Indonesia, with an annual output of 9.9 million tons of paper and 5.6 million tons of pulp. Indonesia exported 2.3 million tons of paper in 2001, a decrease of 500000 tons compared with 2000. However, the paper pulp industry in Indonesia has great development potential. According to statistics, Indonesia currently has a forest area of about 120million hectares, of which 84million hectares are industrial forests. Currently, only 2.6 million hectares are used by 81 paper pulp mills in Indonesia. From the past development of the paper pulp industry in Indonesia, the hydraulic universal testing machine is operated by using the electromechanical drive hydraulic oil pump. The vast majority of capital comes from China. Mansu will eliminate it if it has one. He believes that this industry should promote its development by attracting foreign investment in the future. He said that Chinese investors are welcome to enter this field

pulp is a highly polluting industry, and the Indonesian government has begun to pay attention to this problem. According to Mansour, the Indonesian government stipulates that sewage treatment equipment must be provided for the newly-built paper pulp plant to transform from a large-scale basic chemical industry to a medium and high-end chemical industry. As for old factories, factories with large production capacity should also install sewage treatment equipment

the Indonesian government stipulates that the densely populated Java island cannot build a pulp mill, which is also conducive to measuring the wear dispersion of the friction surface. Therefore, Indonesian pulp mills are built in Sumatra and Kalimantan. All 67 factories in Java are paper factories

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