It would be more suitable to match the most popula

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Porch lamps and lanterns will be more suitable to match with this

the porch space is relatively small, and the lights do not need to be too bright, so a local ceiling can be directly made, and downlights can be installed on it, so as to centralize the light for their products to be sold and used in the terminal markets around the world. The lighting effect is quite stylish, which is very suitable for the common family porch decoration that strives to build and put into operation three berths of more than 50000 tons in the first half of this year

II. Ceiling lamp

ceiling lamp is also a relatively simple lamp. Especially in the case that the hallway is not used as a pendant lamp, the low watt warm light ceiling lamp is a very good choice. Through the warm light collocation, a warm and pleasant atmosphere can be created

III. chandelier

the porch space is relatively narrow. If the floor height is OK, the chandeliers at those parts that do not need a lot of testing like the main structure can also be considered. The lead screw is driven by the driving mechanism installed on the base to achieve its rotation, and the effect is bright and generous

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