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Small knowledge of high-voltage wireless nuclear phase meter. It is necessary to know the small knowledge of

high-voltage wireless nuclear phase meter. The instrument is applied to the phase calibration and phase sequence calibration of power lines and substations. It has reliable high-voltage electrical safety isolation performance and meets the power industry standards; It has strong anti-interference and conforms to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards. The product is safe, reliable, stable and easy to operate. It is an ideal nuclear phase instrument

I. pay attention to maintenance and repair

1. The instrument must be properly stored in the box when not in use

2. The instrument shall be tested before each use

3. During frequency transmission calibration, the antenna must be installed before calibration. The shell of the high-voltage phase detector is made of polycarbonate, which must be kept clean. All kinds of dirt or moisture must be erased. After each use, the instrument can be wiped with a cloth dipped in a little silicone oil

4. The instrument must be stored in a warm place under low temperature (-10 ° C or lower) as required, and the battery may fail when it is cooled

II. Performance index of high-voltage wireless phase detector

1. Product weight: the host weighs about 0.3KG and 5kg

2. Sight distance transmission distance between collector x, y and host ≤ 70m

3. Collector power supply 7.5V ± 1.5V

there are two L-shaped pressing plates (8 in total) at the front and back of the fixed beam and the moving beam (for guiding the jaw clamping plate). 4. Packing box size: long × wide × Height) 650mm × 250mm × 100mm;

5. The voltage level collected by the collector is 0.22kv-500kv

6. Accuracy: in phase error ≤ 10 °, different phases ≤ 15 °

7. Working temperature -35 ℃ - 50 ℃

8. Telescopic insulating operating rod: 600mm in retracted state and 3000mm in extended state


III. working principle of high voltage wireless nuclear phase meter

10kv resistance value, ra=ra 'refers to fixed resistance nuclear phase rod. Fixed resistance ra=ra '=27*1m Ω/2w=27 m Ω, adjustable resistance R and R' =6.8 m Ω/2w and micro ammeter (g=15kv voltmeter 6.8 4. press the "start" button m Ω) Ig to assemble a nuclear phase meter. According to the generalized AC bridge principle. When ua=ua ', adjust R and R' to balance the bridge, i.e. xg=0. At this time, the voltage amplitude and potential at both ends of the measured terminal are the same. If the voltage potential at both ends is the same, but the amplitude is not completely equal, adjusting R and R 'can still make electricity, but it requires a long experimental time and expensive cost to balance the bridge. Only when the phases at both ends are different, the adjustment of R and R 'cannot make the bridge balance, i.e. ig=0. At this time, the voltage at both ends is not the same

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