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Whether you are in a married boudoir or a wife, as long as you are willing to show your beauty, come and participate in the "looking for the most beautiful bride" activity of the 10000 yuan Rongshida award! Maybe you are the one Rongshida is looking for

almost every girl has imagined how she looks in her wedding dress, because the most beautiful time in a woman's life is when she puts on her wedding dress as a bride. April day on earth, let's show our most beautiful years, freeze the most beautiful bride, and condense the romance of a woman's life. Show your most beautiful appearance under the elegant swaying dress, the elegance of the white wreath, and the red and gold makeup

from the 4th to the 10th, the national "looking for the most beautiful bride" activity of Rongshida home was officially launched! Rongshida found the most beautiful bride. That person may be you

whether you are a sweet girl in the waiting room or a married lucky woman, as long as you dare to show yourself, as long as you love life, as long as you expect a happy love, then take action immediately and participate in the selection of "looking for the most beautiful bride"! Ten thousand yuan prize is waiting for you to take home! Come and follow Xiaobian to see the details of the following activities

the first stage of registration April 10 - April 16


brides and brides to be (all women willing to show themselves)

participation method

follow the "Rongshida kitchen and bathroom" official account (or long press the QR code below to identify concerns), send your most beautiful wedding photos (main picture) or happiness photos taken with the bridegroom to be, and write your love declaration and happiness micro story (within 100 words)


Name: ×××

wedding photos/happy group photos:

love declaration/happy micro story: a promise can be a lifetime, because it is sincere, sincere and true feelings! The occasional fierce quarrel, the ringing of pots and pans every day, has also become a love Symphony shared by two people! Love or marriage should be honest first. If you don't marry, don't divorce. Two people operate together, not unilaterally, so the marriage will be long

tips: anyone who signs up to upload photos can get a Commemorative Award; All the top 6 contestants can get a group of beautiful romantic wedding photos (it's very simple, let's move quickly ~)

stage II voting April 17 - April 23

enter the "Rongshida kitchen and bathroom" official account (wechat mall) to vote, and vote in South China and North China to select the top 3 in the two regions; stage III selection of the top 3 in each region from April 25 to April 30 "The most beautiful bride" conducted a summary PK to select a winner with the highest number of votes

show affection and bask in happiness. The chance to win the grand prize easily comes, as long as you dare to think! As long as you dare to spread! Rongshida dares to send it! We are so wayward! At this time of fighting for personal character, brother Rong silently wishes you all ~ ~ ~ someone has sent photos to the official account today, and I have carefully recorded and numbered them. Victory always belongs to people who don't wait ~ ~ call friends to win the grand prize

Rongshida will witness the most beautiful time of women with you, and let your youth leave no regrets. Follow Rongshida, get more activity information, multiple preferential activities, etc. As a Chinese original brand, Rongshida will strive to create a fashionable, comfortable and colorful life for Chinese people




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